How Does Someone Who Hates Reading Their Own Writing Continue To Write Screenplays? By Chad Meisenheimer

Film Courage: How does someone who hates reading their own writing continue to write scripts?

Chad Meisenheimer, Writer/Actor/Comic/Director: I was telling my friend the other day actually about this where I only produce and write for the stuff I want to direct or act in. I personally just want to be an actor/director. I would love to just be an actor/director.

I like making my own content and telling my own stories. That’s the main reason why I do produce because I hate producing too. I’m good at it which is bad but I’m good at it. Everyone wants me to produce their stuff and I’m like “No.”

My mom is also a writer. She writes really well. And I’m sitting there when I was younger saying “I’m not going to be a writer. I’m going to be a director.” I had no aspirations of being the next Quentin Tarantino or something like that. I just want to be a director. That’s my goal.

But I just kind of sit there and am like “Ahhhh…” and I say to my writer friends “Give me constructive feedback.” And they always laugh because I’m like “It’s garbage. Tell me it’s garbage.” I’m not looking for compliments because I’m the type of person, I don’t want compliments. I don’t easily give compliments out. I alway feel it’s an ulterior motive or an agenda when people try to do that. I don’t do that. My BS meter and tolerance for it…I have no filter. I’m just like “No.” So when I see it I’m like “Uggghhh.”

My last script I was working on, I sat there and “It’s garbage. How do they want me to make this look like a throwback 80’s horror film but set in contemporary times?” And ironically it was me who pitched it and I was like “How did I pull this one out of my hat?” I don’t know how I did it? I’m sitting there and spending five weeks [typing]…the…

That’s the other thing, one of my methods of writing helps me finish writing because it would never get done. I handwrite all of my scripts. I handwrite them first before because if I look at a blank screen, if I just see a blank screen and I’m like “Oh my gosh. My life sucks. I’m going to throw this computer out.”

Another method I do to make me finish the script, I always have an idea but I write The End and I work all the way to the beginning. The reason I started doing this is everyone has a beginning, middle and end and they start from the beginning. I was watching the film MEMENTO. This was when I was young and I’m like “Okay, I’m going to take the end of my script which I know how it’s going to end and I’m going to work my way back.” Because then when I do that (my second or third draft) I can be like “Okay I have a beginning and an end. Now I can work forward to make it tighter.” I always start with the ending first because this character dies. No sequel! That is what I do for it.

Film Courage: You have a great relationship with your mom you said earlier and that she’s definitely honest with you about writing, which you appreciate?

Chad: Definitely. She is very on point with my writing because…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


About Chad (from IMDB Bio):

Born in the 1980’s but raised by the 1990’s. Chad Meisenheimer is an award-winning and critically acclaimed Los Angeles based Content Creator – Actor – Comedian – Podcast Host originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He formed MaxiMeise Productions with his late brother, Brent Meisenheimer (1986-2007) in 2000 while attending the film department at Solano Community College. Chad has also co-founded Just Trust Me Productions with Chester Finney (2011-2013) and Chad Meisenheimer Comedy Presents in 2012. He’s an alumni from Solano Community College with an Associate of Arts Degree in Film/Television Production and a graduate of the two year acting conservatory, the Actors Training Program in partnership with Solano College Theater (Now defunct).





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