When Is It Time To Quit A Day Job To Be An Artist? by Rhomeyn Johnson

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Film Courage: We were talking about 9-to-5 jobs and I wanted to go to something that I’ve heard other people talk about and that I’ve also experienced in the past and that is you take the job and they know you do other things outside of there [that employment]. And they go “Okay, that’s fine” especially in Los Angeles most people aren’t just that job title.

But then they start to get weird with you, the other workers start to get weird and now we have social media and they can kind of go “Oh? I see…” And it starts to change on you and that’s when I’ve seen people get pushed out the door. Or they start to make you sign things that they are not making other employees sign like “You will not use your phone during work hours” and you don’t. But you start to see that the parameters are different for you for some reason. I don’t know if you’ve experienced that? I’ve heard this from other people.

Rhomeyn Johnson, Actor: Well, let me say this. I didn’t experience that because I was way gone by the time those kind of things started happening. But I know people who did experience that. And they would come to me (the person who had experienced that) because I had been long gone. And I would tell them “Well that’s telling you it’s time to go.” Without them having to tell you that. When stuff like that starts happening to somebody an artist that is working 9-to-5…don’t get me wrong. You have to be able to sustain yourself. So if you need to work the job. And you know people say “Should I quit my job?” And I say “Only if you can sustain yourself without that job. Otherwise you need that job.” Because see to do what we do as an artist this is not the day in age of like 300-400 years ago when someone would be starving in a little hamlet somewhere in England. No…them days are over. 

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

You’ve got to be able to sustain yourself. If you’re out here on the street and you don’t have a place to stay, you’re not an artist at that point, you’re out here fighting for your life. So if you have a job, stay there. You’ve got to try to find a job that is going to allow you to pursue your craft and those are real hard to find…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Rhomeyn Johnson Demo Reel 2015 from Rhomeyn Johnson on Vimeo.

Rhomeyn Johnson was born as Rhomeyn Alfred Johnson. He is an actor, known for State of Mind (2007), Parks and Recreation (2009) and Vacant Lot (2000).



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