How Does Someone Know They Are Meant To Be An Actor? by Rhomeyn Johnson

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Film Courage: Was there a point in your life early on or whenever where you knew all you were going to be able to do was act?

Rhomeyn Johnson, Actor: Yes, I had that thing, if you want to call it an epiphany. I had that way back…I had it when I got out of college. My father had a bowling buddy who was a claims adjuster for a life insurance company and Mr. Blackwell he got me a job coming out of school for the company. The funny thing is I was supposed to be an outside claim’s rep which means that I was supposed to working in the office half-time and go out and take pictures and go do stuff in the field.

Rhomeyn Johnson in Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial

It’s ironic that I couldn’t handle the freedom of being out. I didn’t have the discipline at that point to handle the freedom of being out on the road for the job. I couldn’t handle it. And what’s really crazy is in what I do now [full time acting/voiceover work], it’s all that. Because I’m self-employed and I’ve been that way for years. But I couldn’t stay on that job because I recognized that it wasn’t for me and I was like Okay, this is really weird. I can’t do this. And the day I quit that job was the day that I was supposed to be there for a meeting and I missed the meeting because I was just in my little apartment. I was just like Oh man, this is just not, I’m not going to make it. I mean I was floundering in my mind at that point.

Rhomeyn Johnson in Dumb and Dumber

I was late coming into the office. When I got there my boss was like Where the hell were you? You missed the meeting. I said There’s no need for that. He said What do you mean no need for that? I said I quit!

So I had my little dictaphone and my little camera and all my…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Rhomeyn Johnson as Chief Fugleberg on Parks and Recreation


Rhomeyn Johnson Demo Reel 2015 from Rhomeyn Johnson on Vimeo.


Rhomeyn Johnson was born as Rhomeyn Alfred Johnson. He is an actor, known for State of Mind (2007), Parks and Recreation (2009) and Vacant Lot (2000).










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