How A Sizzle Reel Can Help A Director Sell Their Vision And Get Their Movie Made by Tom Oesch of DANGER ONE

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Film Courage: Tom because you’re an editor, do you think having a sizzle reel for most of the ideas has been your core way of getting people attached [to a project]? Can you just talk about that process?

Tom Oesch, Director: Yes, I think it’s essential. As a matter of fact at this point, the moment I have like a kernel of an idea, I immediately start thinking of What’s the sizzle for this? And often times I have the sizzle ready long before the script is ever done.

As a matter of fact I have sizzles for scripts that we never finished. It’s just that people reading scripts everyone will imagine it completely differently. I mean there’s people who read DANGER ONE (the same draft) but they didn’t picture it as a funny movie. But the movie we made is an action/comedy. The same script could have been made as a very serious, straightforward film and I’m sure a lot of people read it that way. To be able to send along a sizzle reel (a three-minute short) that says this is the tone, so when you wrote the script, imagine it like this. So you have actors in it, so there are faces that they can put on these characters.

And the other script they make can look a million different ways. It could look the way that DANGER ONE does now, energetic and vibrant and colorful or it could be a lot more grounded and more of a…documentary isn’t the right word but more of a grounded look (very muted).

Again no one knows that until you…you can describe these things but then again you’re using words. Vibrant can mean a million different things. So it’s best to just…Here, check this out. Give this a look, this is what the movie is going to be like.

Honestly with DANGER ONE I think that’s how we got it made because with the financiers what the responded to was yes…the idea…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here







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