How Does A Director Find A Manager? by DANGER ONE’s Tom Oesch

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Film Courage: Tom, one of your scripts from around 2006 on ended up getting you a manager? Is that right?

Tom Oesch, Director of DANGER ONE: Yes, that was in 2012.It was a few years into making stuff. The way I got the manager…well I probably have to rewind, I went to USC Film School. In film school (any film school) you make a lot of friends and they are the ones that help you make stuff once you’re out of school and they help get you jobs and that also connect you. In 2012 I was with a writer/producer friend, we were working on this idea for a teen conspiracy thriller and it took place in Napa. While it was being written I was producing a fake trailer to help pitch it, to help show what the movie would look and feel like.

And half of it…no probably a quarter of it was like a so-called script-o-matic, we would rip shots from existing movies.  Then the other 70% we would actually shoot, we got locations and hired actors, we wrote the script for a trailer. We went out and shot those elements and cut it all together, color-timed it so it’s all very consistent, had it mixed at a friend’s post-production house.

And so we had a trailer that looked…a lot of people were actually confused. They thought this was a movie that had already gotten made.

Also one of the actresses in the film was Aimee Teegarden. Before she became a well-known actress she was actually the lead actress in my thesis film at USC. That’s how she and I met and became friends.  When the trailer was sent out we got a little bit more attention than we would if she wasn’t in it (because people recognized her).

One of my friends from USC was friends with a manager. He sent this manager the trailer, they’re like This looks like something we can get made and that’s how I got my first manager. And that’s also how I met the writer who wrote DANGER ONE Steffen because they were managing him at the same time too.

Even though that teen conspiracy thriller never got made it eventually got to DANGER ONE getting made just because it introduced Steffen and we became friends and realized we worked together well.


Question For The Viewers: Have you ever made a sizzle reel for a project in development?








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