A Problem Every Actor Faces (How I’m Dealing With It) by Kyle McIlhone

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Hi, my name is Kyle Mcllhone and I’m from Canada.

So I first started studying acting at Dawson College and I did that for two years. And after that I worked from three years in Montreal, mostly in theater.

Then I moved here to New York to enroll at The Neighborhood Playhouse and I graduated in 2015.

Since then I’ve been working here [New York City]. This year Karan [Choudhary] and I produced NEW YORK’D and it’s doing very well in film festivals and we’re very proud of it.

[Scene to NEW YORK’D movie]

[Text appears and delivery man shows Karan the phone]

“Hey, look…my boss” Kyle Mcllhone as The Delivery Guy

“Alright, I’ve also got to go.” Replies Sean

“Just pay me and deal with your own personal problems later, huh?”

“My personal problems? You’re the one who is causing these personal problems.”

“What? Are you blaming me for getting yourself locked out of your apartment?”

“You are the delivery guy. You’ve got one job to do. If you had done your job like you are supposed to.”

“If you’d cook your own food like you’re supposed to…”

“You make a living because of people like me.”

“And you get to enjoy hot food in bed because of people like me.”

“Yeah…where is it? Where is my hot food?”

“I just want to get my money and get out of here.”

The biggest problem for me has been the business of acting. I got into acting because I was passionate about acting. But then when you choose to make it your career, you have to buy into the business of acting which an be better headshots, really going somewhere where you have to pay a lot of money for that. Getting a reel, paying someone for a reel. Then agents, managers, networking with them, going to classes to meet casting directors, so many more. And social media is a big one.

And that clashed along with my passion because I’m not really that kind of person who is good at that.

So how I’ve been dealing with this problem is I’ve been dealing with my own projects because that way I can get my own reel, I’m learning, I have something to talk about, I am doing something, I’m not waiting by a phone, I’m active.

As an actor you want to keep yourself tuned. You want to be always acting more and more. And when you start off you think you’re going to do that through actually auditioning and doing stuff that you will be paid for, you know? Not always the case. And so you can get in the rhythm of (I think someone once said) An Auditioning Actor. Like someone who is good at auditions but when it comes to a full script, it’s actually foreign to them because they haven’t done it for awhile.

I’ve been fortunate I think because something I consciously do is to alway try and act so I’ve done a lot of plays for free which I’m very grateful for in the end because it kept me fine tuned. I’m working with people who have worked longer in the business. I’m learning and not only that I’m being challenged with a new role and all of that. And that I think his just good for my mind, I think it keeps me happier.

Thank you so much for watching this interview and my question would be to you guys if any of you who are actors or producers, what problems you come into? What problems have you deal with the business and how have you learned? Thank you!


Kyle McIlhone Bio:

Kyle McIlhone grew up in a small town in Quebec, Canada. Kyle started his training to be a professional actor at Dawson College in the three years Professional Theatre Program. 

Kyle has then accepted into the respected Neighborhood Playhouse two year conservatory in 2013. He is proud to be among other alumni such as the Oscar-winning actor Robert Duvall, Leslie Moonves, and Gregory Peck. 

Kyle’s professional credits include multiple key principles in the production of The History of the Devil, The Exonerated, Ludwig and Mae, The Vindictive Vice President, Towards Zero, The Dog that ate my Play, Zero to Hero and many more. 

Upon Graduating from Dawson College, Kyle was awarded the third year award The Outstanding Achievement Award and The Brian Cloutte Bursary, for outstanding achievement and appreciation for the craft. 

Kyle also had the privilege to help found two theater companies in Montreal, Title 66 and the Third Eye Ensemble and upon graduating from the Neighborhood Playhouse he was lucky enough to become of a member of Polaris North company in New York City. 

Kyle looks forward to working in New York City, where he hopes to grow as a professional actor and filmmaker for many years.



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