How An Idea From Acting Class Became A Movie – NEW YORK’D by Karan Choudhary and Kyle McIlhone

A couple of years ago in acting class, my instructor shared a story of how a particularly wonderful day was turned into a nightmare by an unforeseen chain of events that could really only happen in New York City. That story stuck in my head for a long time, probably because the same thing had happened to me, on several occasions, in fact. As I thought about the story, I felt pretty certain that this probably happens to everyone in New York…eventually. 

New York’d grew from that simple story. 

The Script for New York’d is fourteen-pages long. We shot the entire film in one day—a gigantic task. But against all odds with the passion of our team, we did it. We produced a quality film in a very short time. 

The themes in our film are strikingly relevant for today’s audiences. I am quite certain whether you live in New York or not you will be able to identify with New York’d. It will certainly bring some laughs and possibly even a tear or two. There is a universal message in New York’d about when things get terribly out of our control. Who can’t identify with that? 

I have had so many people who have enjoyed the film share with me their stories, their similar experiences. This gives me great joy…and a lot of great ideas for future episodes of New York’d

Remember, it WILL happen to you!

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New York’d Synopsis:

Sean, a blue-collar New Yorker wakes up on Saturday morning, feeling really good about himself and his entire existence. He has no idea that a disagreeable delivery guy, a buffering porn video, and a locked door would turn his good day into a nightmare.


Karan Choudhary Bio:

Karan Choudhary was born on November, 1989 and raised in Faridabad, India. Mr. Choudhary is currently based in New York City where he is successfully pursuing his acting and filmmaking career. 

Before his move to New York, Karan worked as a model in Mumbai while he also studied theatre. He moved to New York in 2013 after being accepted to the famous Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. There, like his famous predecessors, some of the greatest actors of all time, Robert Duvall, Gregory Peck, Diane Keaton, and Allison Janney, he studied the Sanford Meisner technique of acting. 

Upon his arrival in the USA, acting became and continues to be Karan’s 24/7 priority. He started working as a professional actor immediately after leaving The Neighborhood Playhouse in 2015. Since that time he has been seen in several TV commercials both national and regional. They include: The History Channel, T-Mobile, Bud Light Beer, Captain Morgan Rum, Perrier Sparkling Water, Budweiser Beer, Canon Cameras, Stella Artois Beer, NYU Langone Hospitals, On Vocal Headphones, Intercontinental Hotels. He has also appeared in many indie projects including, among others: “Mommy Heist” (a Short film), “Careful What You Wish For” (a Short film), and “Callie & Izzy” (a Web series.) 

In 2017 Mr. Choudhary began making his own short films not only for the experience it gave him but also to create opportunities not only for himself but for other fellow artists. His first film, a short documentary called “Dedication” made in 2017, was very well received in Film Festivals globally. It had four nominations and two wins for Best Short Documentary and Best Message. In 2018 he made another narrative short, a comedy called “New York’d” which is currently showing in film festivals throughout the circuit. At this writing, it has already garnered four nominations and three wins. With virtually no experience in the business end of filmmaking, Mr. Choudhary successfully managed to find a film distributor for both his films and was also able to sell them. Both films are now available on the streaming platforms, Amazon Prime and

While continuing to peruse his acting career, Karan is also in pre-production for two upcoming short films which he will be producing and directing yet this year. Mr. Choudhary continues to be inspired by the work of actors like Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Katharine Hepburn, and Meryl Streep, and by the extraordinary work of such filmmakers as Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Capra, Billy Wilder, Orson Wells and Elia Kazan. 


Kyle McIlhone Bio:

Kyle McIlhone grew up in a small town in Quebec, Canada. Kyle started his training to be a professional actor at Dawson College in the three years Professional Theatre Program. 

Kyle has then accepted into the respected Neighborhood Playhouse two year conservatory in 2013. He is proud to be among other alumni such as the Oscar-winning actor Robert Duvall, Leslie Moonves, and Gregory Peck. 

Kyle’s professional credits include multiple key principles in the production of The History of the Devil, The Exonerated, Ludwig and Mae, The Vindictive Vice President, Towards Zero, The Dog that ate my Play, Zero to Hero and many more. 

Upon Graduating from Dawson College, Kyle was awarded the third year award The Outstanding Achievement Award and The Brian Cloutte Bursary, for outstanding achievement and appreciation for the craft. 

Kyle also had the privilege to help found two theater companies in Montreal, Title 66 and the Third Eye Ensemble and upon graduating from the Neighborhood Playhouse he was lucky enough to become of a member of Polaris North company in New York City. 

Kyle looks forward to working in New York City, where he hopes to grow as a professional actor and filmmaker for many years.



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There are days when New York City seems to open its doors to you and every single piece falls nicely into place supporting the dream that brought you to that big wonderful city. Then there are the other days…the days when those same pieces become ill-fitting sharp-edged shards ganging up against you and any goal you may have. Those are the days when the cruel heartless city itself seems to be conspiring against you. Those are the days you know you’ve been…New YORK’d. It WILL happen to you…


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