First Screenplay: Writing Sample Or Six Figure Sale? by Daniel Calvisi

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Film Courage:  Dan, if we were the delve into the mind of most new writers (whether they live in Los Angeles or they are living somewhere else), do you think that they view a lot of their work as a sample or a series of samples or are they seeing it as the next big thing that “Wow, once it’s discovered this “thing” is taking LA, New York and London by storm?”

Daniel Calvisi, movie studio reader, screenwriter and private screenplay consultant: Definitely London! Not as many scripts get bought as used to be so I think it’s imperative that they think of it more as a writing sample of their work.

Yeah, too many new writers are thinking “I’m going to sell this for six figures and I can live off that for the next ten years and I’m going to sell a whole bunch more scripts in the meantime.”

But they don’t buy as many scripts as they used to and it’s a really, really competitive market, especially for newbies.

So I think it’s best if you can think of it as a writing sample. But I do see a lot of writers who are trying to write for the market and they are trying to write something that…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

STORY MAPS: How To Write A GREAT Screenplay

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