Work On Someone Else’s Show Or Work On Your Own by Andrew Horng

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Film Courage: How many years were you in TV?

Andrew Horng, Screenwriter: Well, once I officially moved here (which was 2005), I did it for about 6 years. I worked on Prison Break. That was the first show and the last show was Eastbound & Down in North Carolina. I actually went to North Carolina to shoot that TV show.

I definitely had different reactions on both shows. Season 1 of Prison Break was really, really exciting. It was the hit show and I was glad to be part of it. I was finally making money in LA and everybody…all of the my friends were calling me and they’re like “Oh, I saw the show last night. What’s going to happen?” And it was really exciting and I was really open to whatever the producers wanted me to do (whatever my bosses wanted me to do) and it just felt great being part of a team. And even though I wasn’t involved creatively, I was like “Yeah, I made it. And maybe I’ll be writing a show one day and I’ll have my name in the credits.” But then flash forward 6 years later, I was actually working on Eastbound & Down in North Carolina and I loved all the people that I worked with. I really connected with them (they were great). It’s just that I felt differently on that last show. I was really unfulfilled and there was so many things happening. And I was in accounting then, all the days where all of the paperwork was getting high, I didn’t have time for my writing. I would just go home and fall asleep at the computer and it would really bother me. And I thought How many more years am I going to be doing this?

I remember specifically there was a sizzle reel of the show where they cut together all the different, all these highlights before the seasons started…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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Watch the video interview on Youtube here


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