How Script Pipeline Helped A Screenwriter Get Their Movie Made by Jay Silverman of OFF THE MENU

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Film Courage: Your new comedy Jay OFF THE MENU, it’s a romantic comedy set in New Mexico based on food, love, different things. And I want to hear more about it in a little bit, but I’m so curious about how the screenwriter. I think you said off-camera it was though Script Pipeline? At a screenplay meet-and-greet or something?

Jay Silverman, director, producer, photographer: Right.

Film Courage: Can we talk about what it was like to go there, what your expectations were and how it was to sit down with these different screenwriters?

Jay Silverman: I’m going to help you here…

Film Courage:  Okay.

Jay Silverman: When I set out to make my next movie, Bethany [Cerrona] my producer suggested we go to a screenwriter’s pipeline kind of day in Hollywood where producers are invited to meet screenwriters. And it sounds to me a little bit like an overwhelming joke, but it turned out to be pretty fascinating as a producer (as well as a director) to sit face-to-face with screenwriters that have busted their butts to actually meet people and share their hard work that could actually make a decision on taking this project to market.

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I can tell you (honestly) the screenwriters are no different than filmmakers. You know, finding your next project is hugely challenging, but we made a decision right out of the gate that we really didn’t want to take pitches anybody unless they were within the framework of what we wanted, which was a story that was going to do the opposite of my last movie.

My last movie GIRL ON THE EDGE, it’s a very serious drama about a real life event and we didn’t care if it was real life now or not. All we cared about is that we wanted to do something inspirational, entertaining and we were lucky enough to meet Jen Goldson (the screenwriter of OFF THE MENU) at a writer’s fest (so to speak) in Hollywood where you meet writers and you meet producers and you have the ability to be pitched these properties.

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And what’s really cool about it is you hear it from the person who actually wrote the material and you hear it very quickly. I think they gave each creative writer three minutes to pitch their screenplay and it was one of the ones that Bethany brought to my attention and we read it and we liked it. And we thought we can make this. Cool.

I mean one of the big challenges of any type of purchase of a screenplay besides…(Watch the video on Youtube here).

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Watch the video interview on Youtube here

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Romantic Comedy An unlikely heir to a Mexican fast-food empire goes ‘cuisine’ hunting for the next culinary big thing, and finds himself in a small, dusty New Mexican town where foodies come from all over to salivate over the culinary treats of a local, authentic, and feisty female chef.




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