4 Big Challenges A Filmmaker Faces On Their First Feature Film by Nadia Jordan of FOR THE LOVE OF GEORGE

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Film Courage: What were the top three things you say from the production standpoint that were the toughest, that this was where most of the problems or challenges resided?

Nadia Jordan, co-writer, producer and actor on FOR THE LOVE OF GEORGE: Yeah…I mean financing is always hard. This [FOR THE LOVE OF GEORGE movie] started with a crowdfunding campaign and grew. We had initial funding come in, but we were given these deadlines and this deadline extended and I needed to get more money or we were going to lose the funds we had. So that was a huge stress. That was like a year or over a year of trying to raise more money to be able to actually shoot the film.

And for me as a producer you know this was new territory for me. I’d produced, but I hadn’t gone out and raised money before. And in Los Angeles everyone’s got a film that they think is great that they’re trying to get made. So that was really hard. Particularly because we had these deadlines and at some point you’ve have to…I went to a lot of producer seminars and people are like “Whatever budget you’ve got, however small, however big, you’re always going to want more. Just shoot. Just shoot. Scale it down. Do something. But don’t let someone go.” Especially in this position where we had some money I wasn’t sure if we could make the film for that. But it got to the point to where I just had to go for it. And that was at the point where I decided to produce it myself.

Nadia Jordan on the set of FOR THE LOVE OF GEORGE

But the deadlines were hard. We had a deadline, we didn’t have a director. I also wanted a female director, which has also proven hard and we got a female director in November. We started shooting in January/February. And we got her in maybe September? But it was November, she had to pull out. So it was November, we were shooting in two months and we had no director.

I met with a lot of directors trying to get someone who could shoot within that time frame and that was really hard. I’m like “What do we do now?”  I really wanted a female director to kind of keep with the whole theme, you know we had female writers, female producers, and it was a female driven script. I felt that…(Watch the video on Youtube here).

Watch the video on Youtube here





Nadia Jordan on the set of FOR THE LOVE OF GEORGE


Set in early 2014, Poppy Wakefield works as a freelance journalist from her beautiful home in England. Her seemingly perfect, if predictable, life is shattered when she discovers her husband Stephen is having an affair. ​ In shock from betrayal, she finds comfort in a TV segment featuring George Clooney. George is everything her husband isn’t – sophisticated, funny, charming – someone who cares about making a difference in the world and who Poppy believes is her ideal match! When she receives a well timed invitation to visit her friend Justin in LA, Poppy decides to give fate a helping hand and takes off on a quest to cross paths with George – where she has no doubt they will fall in love at first sight! However a surprise announcement brings Poppy and her romantic fantasy crashing back down to earth. Through a funny series of near misses, unrelated adventures and colorful characters, Poppy navigates her new life in LA, until one day fate throws her a very unexpected curveball.



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