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Making Money As An Artist Is Complicated – Brad Rushing

Film Courage: As a freelancer, how have you determined how much to charge for your services?

You Can Make Money With Short Films - Victoria Fratz

Film Courage: You used to have a mixed view on short films? What was that view and how...

Writing A Screenplay For The Money – Mark Sanderson

Film Courage: When you’re writing a screenplay do you ever think about the money you will make...

How Much Money Can A Filmmaker Make On Hulu? – Aaron Fradkin

Film Courage: Do you still make money on residuals off of your first feature film? 

How Filmmakers Can Make Money From Short Form Content — Dui Jarrod

Film Courage: We often hear from people that you can’t make money from making films (short films,...

How Cinematic Can You Be If You Have No Money? — R.L. Scott

Film Courage: I’ve heard you mention composition many times. Do you even just go to Ralphs and say...

How Does A Screenwriter Make Money Off A Screenplay? – Mark Sanderson

Film Courage: When you're attempting to sell a screenplay, what are some of the deals you will...

Should An Executive Producer Know More About Money Than Story? — Stanley M. Brooks

Film Courage: Shouldn’t an executive producer know more about money than they should about storytelling?

How To Talk Someone Into Giving You Money For A Movie by Stanley M....

Film Courage: When you executive produce a movie are you putting in your own funds?

A Great Script Doesn’t Mean Money by Markus Redmond

Film Courage: The last time we interviewed you in 2015, you were in Ventura (California), beautiful Ventura?
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