The Healer – Screenwriting Pitch Video by John Bines

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Hello. My name is John Bines and I’m a writer. I thought about doing this video for awhile but had held off because I’ve been actually in the middle of transitioning.

I recently moved out to Los Angeles to further my career as a writer and I’d like to take a moment to tell you a little about myself.

I’ve been in film and television now for over 20 years. I started out after engaging in a lucrative career in computer technologies and decided that I really wanted to pursue my lifelong goal to becoming a television and film writer.

I quit my job and started working as a PA (production assistant) on various music videos and other projects. I eventually worked my way up over a number of years to becoming an editor working for people like Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson and Dave Chappelle and many others.

After awhile I realized that my career was kind of stalemating as an editor and I started to question what I was doing. You know, like a shark at the bottom of the ocean (I always like to use this as a parable)…like a shark at the bottom of the ocean, in this business you have to constantly keep moving. If you don’t, you literally will die.

After awhile of editing for a number of people for great, amazing projects, I decided to seriously start writing. I started to write spec scripts for shows that I had worked on. And writing original ideas of my own in the form of screenplays and even started a novel.

But I quickly found that as challenging as it was reaching the goal to become an editor, my desire to become a writer was even more challenging.

I had become very ill with a terminal illness and very shortly after my faithful companion dog (Fubu) of eleven years at the time had been mauled by a pit bull. And in the mauling, I broke my hand actually while the dog was mauling my dog trying to get him off of him. And my dog has since healed up and he’s an amazing testament to courage, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to actually make this video was about courage and sometimes the courage it takes to continually pursue your goals. Particularly if you want to become a writer or stay even in the industry of film and television.

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So I’m there at my house with a broken hand and healing a mauled dog and still dealing with the terminal illness. I still had friends I was helping. I’ve always been a very generous person and some friends were living with me and others I was actually taking care of financially.

And I started to ask myself, like at what point is too much? Is enough, enough? Where you keep giving of yourself and you’re constantly having to take care of your own self and others. And I started to think, what if you put that burden on a 12-year-old boy?

Well, that actually created a television pilot that I wrote called THE HEALER. It’s about a 12-year-old immigrant boy who was gifted…or you could say cursed…with the ability to heal. He teams up with a renegade, rogue CIA ex-AA operative who is trained to kill (female operative) and they actually go on an adventure to save the world. It’s a parable loosely based on the narrative of Jesus Christ but more importantly reflective of what I felt I was going through in my own life.

One of the things I like to do is I write about things that speak to me, things that are personal to me. And through all of my experiences in this business and continually working I’ve always found that no matter how far I think I’ve gone, I have so much farther to go and sometimes I think I’m starting all over again. Which I have, I’ve recently moved to the Los Angeles area to pursue a career in television and hopefully to meet other writers and producers.

I got an opportunity to direct a short film and that was amazing and really trying to push to pursue this career that I’ve set out upon over 20 years ago.

So again my call of action is hopefully to entice other producers to contact me or reach out to me or reach out to me that I can build relationships with to learn from and hopefully to use my skills to help them and hopefully get some information as to how I can further my career as to how I can possibly work with various people on different projects.

One of the things I make a part of my day (my daily regime) is watching videos from Film Courage. All of the information (the amazing information), the experiences of other writers really serve to bolster my own sometimes lofty goals (I call them) and also to let people know that sometimes this road is not a fast one (it takes awhile). But my commitment, people ask me all of the time “Why are you still doing this?” You know to me writing and creating dialogue is intrinsic to me as the color of my skin or my being a male for that matter.

Again, this is to encourage others to hopefully stay on your path and also another way of my reaching out and hopefully expanding on my contacts and people that can hopefully help me further my goals.

I just want to say thank you all and have a good day and may we all reach our goals no matter how lofty they seem to be and just stay on your path and stick to what you’re doing and eventually things will work out. Thank you!

Biography: John Bines is an Editor, Writer and Director who’s worked in TV and Film production for over twenty years. Born in Selma, North Carolina- John’s family moved to New York City at the age of three and spent most of his formative years watching classic films by directors like Alfred Hitchcock, Cecil B. Demille and later Stanley Kubrick and Robert Altman. As a young man John worked for years in the technology industry but decided to leave a lucrative job and peruse his dream of working in film and television. He re-started his life and embarked on a career as a Production Assistant and learned the industry from the ground up. He eventually worked his way up to an Editor working with Director Barry Levinson, writer producer Tom Fontana and comedian Dave Chappelle. His journey has led him to move to Los Angeles to further his career and had the opportunity to direct his first short film which is part of an anthology called “See Me” which was produced by Raindeer Productions. Currently John is working at the Ebony Repertory Theater in Los Angeles and his endeavors is to expand his career to writing for film and TV. He has written multiple TV pilots and film scripts one of them is The Healer, about a fugitive ex-CIA hit woman and a twelve-year-old immigrant boy born with the power to heal who work together to save the world from forces that seek to use the boy to end the world as we know it.



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