Write A Spec Feature Film Or TV Pilot? by Corey Mandell

Watch the video interview on Youtube here
Film Courage:  Okay…so at the time of this interview we are in 2017.  Is it better for screenwriter to focus on spec screenplays or a spec television pilot?


Corey Mandell:  So I think that TV writing and feature film writing are different art forms. There’s a lot of overlap but they are very different. I think someone has to first say do I want to be a feature film writer? Or do I want to be a TV writer?  Now it’s possible they want to do both.  But generally writers have a preference of one or the other.


Now (that said) there is so much more opportunity and money in TV than there is in features.  Features are getting better but not as good. Although I know a lot of TV writers who are sneaking over to the feature neighborhood because it as a lot less competition.  But that said, I do have clients and students who want to be feature film writers but want to become TV writers…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Watch the video interview on Youtube here

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