How Does A Screenwriter Get A Script Read In Hollywood? by Christine Conradt

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Film Courage: We have a wonderful viewer named Marsen and by the way, Hi Marsen! Thank you for all of your comments.  And Marsen asks “I’m a writer. How do I ask a connection (for example, a successful screenwriter) to help me break into the business? Literally, how do I phrase it, and what do I ask them for exactly?”

Christine Conradt:  Marsen, that is a great question.  First of all people who are successful in the industry are very, very busy. And I wish you could see my desk because I have literally probably 30 scripts on my desk stacked up and they come from…first of all, there is the work stuff that you have to read because you’re going to either rewrite it or they need to you to read it for some reason or other, or consulting jobs.

And then I have my friends, who I am very close to, who are in my writers’ groups and I read their stuff and they read mine and so we sort of have this symbiotic relationship.

And then there are the people who I don’t know quite as well who send me scripts.  To get on that list is very difficult and what a lot of new writers kind of don’t understand is that I don’t have a lot of free time. So if I’m going to spend any time at all having a life, I can’t say….(Watch the video on Youtube here).
















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