Two Screenplays Produced In Four Years by West Liang

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Film Courage:  We have a lot of screenwriters that watch this Youtube channel and they have screenplays that they (of course) want made into movies obviously.  Now your latest film is ALL I WANT?

West Liang:  Yes

Film Courage:  This is the second script that you’ve produced in the last was it four years?

West Liang:  In the last four or five years.

Watch the trailer to ALL I WANT here on Vimeo

Film Courage:  Okay.  So did you sell either or both screenplays in the process of getting made?

West Liang:  Well this film here (ALL I WANT) is a little different from SOMEONE I USED TO KNOW, which is my first feature in a sense that I was approached by my producing partner (Melissa Center), who is also our lead actress and she had an idea for a story that she wanted to dig at and then scratch at and see if it was worth bringing to the screen.

So she approached me and I was working on another project at the time.  I was brought on to help her to mold the story and figure out what is the most interesting kind of narrative.  During the process of developing that story with her, I became more and more involved with the bones and the skin and the skeleton of the story.

During the process we both became really kind of connected, to the story and the vision.  That’s when we decided “let’s go and make this thing happen.”

So I went away and wrote the script.  And then we raised the money and did the casting and all of that stuff. This is a little different in the sense that the story was not an original idea from the very beginning of me in my head, as opposed to ….(Watch the video on Youtube here).


Watch the video interview on Youtube here



Watch the trailer to ALL I WANT here on Vimeo








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