The Secret That Professional Screenwriters Understand by Corey Mandell

Watch the video interview on Youtube here
 The Secret That Professional Screenwriters Understand by Corey Mandell 


Film Courage:  Corey let’s talk about an agent and two scenarios, either they’ve been dropped by their agent (and I don’t know how they would be dropped, either via email or telephone call). And on the flip side, those who feel they should drop their agent.

Corey Mandell:  Well, the second one is hard because…of course the question is “Why do you want to drop your agent?” And it’s usually because “They are not working for me! And they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. And I’d have a better career if they were.”

Well, you’re in a really tough spot because if you’re going to try to find another agent, they’re going to know.  It’s kind of like trying to find a wife, but you’re already married.  So they know you are married to someone.  So then the question is why are you leaving your wife? And why do you want a new wife?

Because if the writer starts saying “Well my agent is not doing this. My agent is not paying attention to me.”  Everyone in town is going to say “You’re blaming your agent, but it’s you and your writing is not good enough.”

And oh yeah…I’m a super busy agent.  What I want to do is take a client who is not that good, who has already blamed their agent.

Also as an agent what I love is spending time and energy on someone who is not loyal to me.  So yeah!  Let me jump in to business with you. [Laughs]

When you have an agent and you want to switch agents, that’s the hardest place to be in.  And if you really are there first of all, just stop.  And the question becomes imagine that there…(Watch the video on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

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