Ronnie Spector’s Influence on Rock N’ Roll As Read by Kelly Leon Guerrero Performing at Heavy Metal Stories

Ronnie Spector's Influence on Rock N' Roll_As_Read_Kelly_Leon_Guerrero_spoken_word_book_reading_filmcourage_actress

(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)

Kelly Leon Guerrero performs a monologue at the Film Courage Night of Heavy Metal Stories/Tribute to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.


kelly_leon_guerrero_actressABOUT KELLY LEON GUERRERO:

Kelly Leon Guerrero is an Actress, Philanthropist and Burn Survivor.
In 2012, 13% of Kelly’s body was burned in a fire. During the year long recovery process, she questioned the meaning of her existence. It wasn’t selfies or “likes” on a picture…it was love and freedom. She realized that humanity is a team and we have a responsibility to help those who are weakest among us. We also have a responsibility to ourselves–to follow the secret dreams in our hearts and to fight everyday to be as weird as we want to be. She reminds herself often: “”I can do whatever the f*ck I want because I know what it feels like to be burned alive.”



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