Rock N’ Roll / Heavy Metal Lovers Join This Thursday, June 16 at 8:00 p.m. in Hollywood!


Why: See/Hear Actors perform Rock n’ Roll Monologues or read from their favorite tell all book.

When:  Thursday, June 16th, 2016 from 8:00 pm to 10 pm

Where: Space Station Casting (Acting Studio), 950 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038 (Street parking available – check out this map!)

How much:  FREE

Ages: 18 plus to 100 plus

Please RSVP to


There is not cost to participate or perform.  Do you want to perform?  Have a Metal Story – contact us at…

A FREE Night of Stories and Monologues About The Sunset Strip Heavy Metal Years

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Do you have a favorite rock n’ roll “tell all” book about the 80’s-90’s hair band/heavy metal days of The Sunset Set strip? We do! presents a night of book readings and monologues of this bygone era – Debauchery, Noise and Harmony –’s Tribute To Heavy Metal Music.




This event is free! There is no cost to attend or participate.

We are looking for:

-People to read passages from their favorite heavy metal/rock n’ roll “tell all” book
-Actors or musicians to bring a monologue about this crazy time
-People to read passages from their own personal essays from the heavy metal/rock n’ roll days (depending on the attendance – please be prepared to read about 10 minutes worth of time)


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Please bring:

-A book or passage to read from
-A monologue to perform
-A rock’n roll attitude



Thursday June 16th, 2016
8-10pm in Hollywood
(Space is limited)


Who cares if “you were really there on the Strip, then you don’t remember…” If you love Metal Culture, please join us.

IF YOU’D LIKE TO ATTEND THIS FREE EVENT, please contact to sign up for a reading, an acting monologue or just to attend. Horns up!

7 amazing rock n’ roll stories are already planned for the event:



Carla D’Errico is an actress, writer, and artist. Metal is her muse and spirit. All her life she’s been the different kid. Being a girl metalhead on top of that made her stick out even more. In the beginning she was reluctant to show her metal side for fear of judgment. She was already being bullied for enough reasons. But as she grew up, she realized that if she didn’t stand up for herself, no one else would. And so she began to fight for herself and in turn found herself. And then she embraced her metal side and now wears it proudly. She has known deep darkness in her life but does not fear it. Instead, she feels called to reach others like herself. People need to know that they are not alone. It’s okay to be different, to be weird. It’s that uniqueness that sets you apart from everyone else. If you stick out, embrace it, and use it, because it means that you are meant for more. She has made it her mission to find ways to broadcast her message, whether in person, her acting, art, or writing. In fact, she has been working on a novel series for the past five years about a metal band and being the different kid.


Guerin Barry_photo
Guerin will be reading a passage from Jerry Lee Lewis’ biography, Hellfire


Guerin Barry, grew up in the 50’s and with his friends, helped invent Rock and Roll.  There were a few people who were the architects of rock, who copied no one, who invented the form, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis.  At Alan Freed’s Rock and Roll Reviews at the Brooklyn Paramount, he stood, pressed against the edge of the stage while these crazy bastards drove the audiences into a frenzy.  As a young man, Guerin picked up the guitar and played for his friends.  Doo Wop was big in New York City and he sang bass with whoever wanted to strike up a tune in the subway or anywhere else they could find a good echo.  After traveling around the East coast as a folk singer, he started singing 50’s rock again.  Coming to LA in the mid 70s, Guerin became an actor appearing in feature films (Empire Strikes Back) and TV (lots).  In the 80s, he answered an ad and became a member of the retro-rock group, Sha Na Na (Woodstock, prom band in the movie Grease, TV show from 77 to 82).  During the four-year hiatus from acting, he played in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bermuda, the Caribbean and all over North America.  During that time, he shared a bill at the Beverly Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts with The Killer himself, Jerry Lee Lewis.  Lately, he plays bass with a shredding blues power trio when he can find the time from his busy on camera and voice over acting career.

Guerin Barry_2
Guerin and Jerry Lee during the Sha Na Na years


kelly_leon_guerrero_actressABOUT KELLY LEON GUERRERO:

Kelly Leon Guerrero is an Actress, Philanthropist and Burn Survivor.
In 2012, 13% of Kelly’s body was burned in a fire. During the year long recovery process, she questioned the meaning of her existence. It wasn’t selfies or “likes” on a picture…it was love and freedom. She realized that humanity is a team and we have a responsibility to help those who are weakest among us. We also have a responsibility to ourselves–to follow the secret dreams in our hearts and to fight everyday to be as weird as we want to be. She reminds herself often: “”I can do whatever the f*ck I want because I know what it feels like to be burned alive.”


SATU RUNA_sunset_strip_stories_filmcourage
Satu Runa will read “Hessians of Burbank” exploring the retelling of an awesome night hanging out with a few longhaired legends at the Rainbow Room!


Longtime metalhead Satu Runa gained notoriety as the first cover model for Lollipop’s “Hot Rocker Babes” issue followed by an appearance next to Zakk Wylde for the cover of Revolver Magazine. She started out writing album and concert reviews in college, her first interview being Paul Barker of Ministry. She then got a job as a production assistant for Fuse’s popular metal show, Uranium, where she filmed an interview with Dio. She recently starred in and directed a Kickstarter-funded comedy TV pilot, Queen Gorya, where she plays a popular horror hostess being stalked by a Crowley influenced cult of fanboys. Her piece, “Hessians of Burbank” explores the retelling of an awesome night hanging out with a few longhaired legends at the Rainbow Room.



Rantz Hoseley_sunset_strip_stories_filmcourage_2
Rantz Hoseley (enjoying the beaches of Mexico in this photo) will perform “This is why your band shouldn’t open for Warrant!”


Rantz Hoseley moved to Los Angeles in 1984 to make it big to the sound of high speed arpeggios on the Sunset Strip. Having worked on rock videos for Aerosmith, the Scorpions and Whitesnake, he escaped the drug-fueled mayhem and insanity to return to Washington State. Where he promptly got into a grunge band. He’s done many things to make money, including screenwriting, comic books and art direction.


Rantz Hoseley_sunset_strip_stories_filmcourage_1
Rantz Hoseley in 1985



Dan Garland is co-creator and guitar player of the band New Medicine. In 2009 New Medicine signed to photo finish/Atlantic records. They have had 4 billboard top 40 hits and have toured alongside rock bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Hell Yeah, Halestorm and many more. Dan now lives in Los Angeles where he continues to pursue music and film acting.


David Ballard (aka NEW DAYVE) will perform his story on eating a famous rocker’s birthday pizza and what happened when he got caught.


David is a writer-producer-actor who has produced over 200 hours of broadcast programming for such networks as Discovery, History and Spike, and has appeared as an actor on such shows as WILD WEST TECH, MANSWERS, I ALMOST GOT AWAY WITH IT and BATTLE OF THE SEXES. He is currently a series regular on the syndicated TV series DEEP UNDERCOVER, and is also an accomplished singer-songwriter-guitarist and voiceover artist who has licensed several of his compositions and provided voiceovers to various films, TV series and advertising campaigns.





Gabriella Dormiere began performing for the public by reciting poetry at the age of 5. She continued her education and performing by studying acting and theatre as part of her undergraduate degree. After graduation she relocated to the South of France and travel to more than seven Western European countries and Great Britain/Scotland.

Her acting experience includes a recent feature film, stage, television, internet web series, and commercial productions. Expected for release in September 2016 is the feature film “IM.PE.TUS (n) – a moving force” by Martina Bell and Jeremy Rosette. The Facebook page “Impetus Movie”  has both the trailer and teaser YouTube Links listed below. I portray the mother of a fully hearing impaired daughter who has schizophrenic disorder. For the role Gabriella learned simple American Sign Language for her scene, but also because the Director/Crew and majority of cast are hearing impaired.


Open Call for Rock 'n' Roll Monologues (Actors) and Book Readers - June 16th in Hollywood, CA_Events_in_los_angeles_heavy_metal_scene_filmcourage
Music in this video is “Rabid” by Ethan Meixsell via Youtube Royalty Free

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