First Steps Of Writing Screenplay by Kathie Fong Yoneda at Story Expo


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Paraplegic Jake takes on assignment from late brother; needs money for operation.

Jakes meets Avatar team – Grace, Norm & Trudy; Col. Quaritch who feels Na’vi aliens are danger to earth; Parker, in charge of mining Unobtanium

Jake gets used to Pandora & Avatar body; almost dies but is saved by Neytiri


Jake meets other Na’vi – Neytiri’s parents, Na’vi warriors including Tsu-tey; goes through Na’vi training

Jake falls for Neytiri; realizes Na’vi pose no harm, but Quaritch attacks Na’vi


Grace’s life at stake; Jake & Avatar team must help Na’vi against all odds.


(Watch the video interview here)

The Script-Selling Game: A Hollywood Insider’s Look at Getting Your Script Sold and Produced / By Kathie Fong Yoneda




With over 25 years of industry experience, Kathie Fong Yoneda has worked for such prestigious studios as Paramount, Columbia, MGM, Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Disney, specializing in story analysis and development of live action and animated projects. Her career includes executive positions with Walt Disney, Touchstone, Island Pictures and Walt Disney TV Animation where she has evaluated more than 18,000 submissions (Read more here).

STORY EXPO is the world’s biggest convention of writers from all mediums – screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, filmmakers, gamers, journalists, graphic novelists, actors, business people, comic book writers and more. Featuring over 110 world-renowned speakers, 100+ classes and 30+ exhibitors, Story Expo covers all aspects of story and writing – from craft to business to pitching to career.

Learn how and where your story is best told to achieve its greatest success both financially and creatively. Take control of your stories by learning the craft, learning which medium your stories are best told, understanding the business of storytelling, identifying and using the tools and resources available to you, understanding how to package and pitch your ideas and scripts, and using social media and other techniques to start and maintain a successful writing career. Also be able to pitch your scripts and stories to top production companies, agents and managers in our Story Expo Pitching Room . This year’s Pitching Room has extraordinary companies and agencies like ICM, APA, 3 Arts and more! Plus network with your peers from around the world during a fun, over-the-top weekend. Story Expo is like Comic-Con…but for writers.


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