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About Film Courage and the FilmCourage Youtube channel feature video interviews, audio podcasts and articles about filmmaking, screenwriting, acting and more.   Our video interviews have shown on No Film School, Filmmaker IQ, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood, The Wrap, Entertainment Weekly, CNN India, Vulture, Dread Central, MSN Movies, Sport Balla, Vlad TV and many more outlets.
The Film Courage audio podcast on LA Talk Radio received ‘MovieMaker Magazine’s Top Ten Podcasts of 2011.’  We transitioned from the audio podcast in Spring 2012 to our Film Courage Video interviews found via Youtube. is co-run by Executive Producers/Co-Founders Karen Worden (Editor-in-Chief) and David Branin.

If you’d like to learn more, please submit an inquiry through our contact form (our CAPTCHA can take a few tries).


In late 2008, filmmaker David Branin had been contemplating writing his own filmmaking blog, but didn’t quite have a name for it. Nothing seemed to work. After weeks of mulling over what to call it, a decision was finally made. That was the birth of Film Courage.

In Spring of 2009 David and Karen Worden (an aspiring actor and film lover) decided to begin a radio show dedicated to filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, and following a dream. They’d lived in Los Angeles for awhile. They’d seen people who had “made it” and others who sat on the sidelines watching. They both wanted to know what it took to cross over. How did people pursue a passion while working a day or night job? How were some people able to ‘beat the odds,’ whereas others still sat watching, talking about creativity and fame, but never participating despite what yearned inside them.

The radio show Film Courage was launched from the studios of LA Talk Radio in Studio City, California on April 12, 2009. Each Sunday David and Karen explore their guests’ varied (but always colorful) backgrounds such as having a support system while growing up, odd jobs they’ve endured to pay the bills, and if a project has made money. Film Courage has taken on a life of its own. David and Karen now receive daily e-mails from people wanting to come on the show and talk about their experiences. Listeners respond to archived shows, explaining how they feel inspired. Being an “indie” anything is a tough road, mostly because it’s done alone and with little encouragement. Film Courage is a place where other indie pioneers join together, talk about their work and applaud other artists. People are hungry for this community.

What started as a filmmaking blog has evolved into a mini-indie empire. Film Courage expanded in 2010 with a monthly screening series at The Downtown Independent in Los Angeles. In a four-hour live event the last Monday of every month, The Film Courage Interactive showcased a couple short films, an independent feature, director’s Q & A, and capped off the night with a filmmaking discussion group where people share about the ups and downs of their pursuit, epiphanies on success, and more.  The Film Courage Interactives lasted for two-years, screening 26 features and 40 short films. 

Film Courage is more than just a website and Youtube channel.  It’s a way of life for many artists. It’s about pursuing a passion, whether the rewards are monetary or emotional.

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Film Courage Stats (As of October 2014)

Twitter: Over 53,400 Followers
18,818  plus Subscribers/Total video views 2,496,638
Youtube Page Monthly Views:
113,000-140,000 Youtube views per month Monthly Views: 14,000 to 18,000
Google Plus: 758 Followers
Pinterest: 925 Followers
Tumblr: 609 Followers
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We offer eight options for promotion:


1) FILM COURAGE NOW TRENDING  - Free - This is something we are going to experiment with to see if it is something that can become useful and valuable.  The idea is that each month we will post an article encouraging indie artists to share their work, crowdfunding campaign, upcoming projects, etc in the comment section.  We will encourage those posting to not just share their work, but to connect with their peers who are also sharing their projects.  We view it as a potentially positive opportunity for our readers to share what they are doing and connect with others in the community.  Please visit here to post.

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2) BE PART OF A FILM COURAGE WRITTEN Q & A - $25.00 via Paypal - Receive at least five (5) questions from on you, your project and creative process.  The Q & A will then be posted (with your written response) on and promote via our social media (FB, Twitter, Tumblr, G + and more social sharing sites).  We must receive the Paypal payment first and will need about three (3) days to do research.  Once posted, we can include your crowdfunding campaign video, trailer, a few photos and links to you and your project(s).  Here are a few examples of the Q & A style interviews.

3) SUBMIT YOUR PRESS RELEASE WITH PHOTOS (OR AN ARTICLE) TO FILMCOURAGE.COM - $15.00 via Paypal - Up to this point we have been able to offer filmmakers/artists to share their experiences and projects with written articles that we publish.  Because of the time and energy (i.e., editing, uploading photos, hyperlinking, embedding videos, emailing back and forth, etc.) that the articles take, we now can only offer to publish articles on as a service... the demand has been overwhelming and we were close to shutting it down.  After much discussion, we have have decided to offer it as a service for $15.00 via Paypal as we hate to close this avenue entirely to our fellow filmmakers.  In addition to your article appearing on, we will also share it via our Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus.    Here are a few examples of the press release style posts 1, 2, and 3.

If you would like to write an article for we ask that you request guidelines from us (by visiting the contact page) and then remit the $15.00 payable via PayPal before you’d like it publish.  Please keep in mind that it can take a few days for us to respond and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

4) SUBMIT YOUR CASTING NOTICE - $15.00 via Paypal - FilmCourage will post your casting notice on our website and share it via our Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus.  

5) 3-DAY PROMO BOOST -  $25.00 via Paypal - Whether it is the first or last week of your movie's theatrical run or VOD release.  Or possibly you want more eyeballs on your crowdfunding campaign during your launch or after things have slowed down a bit.  We offer you our 3 (three) day promotional package which includes a 200 x 200 banner on the side of our web site, one Facebook post, two Tweets, one Tumblr post, and one Google Plus post.

6) 7-DAY PROMO BOOST -  $45.00 via Paypal - Whether it is the first or last week of your movie's theatrical run or VOD release.  Or possibly you want more eyeballs on your crowdfunding campaign during your launch or after things have slowed down a bit.  We offer you our 7 (seven) day promotional package which includes a 200 x 200 banner on the side of our web site, two Facebook posts, 5 Tweets, one Tumblr post, and one Google Plus post.

7) ADVERTISE WITH FILM COURAGE - $100.00 via Paypal - We welcome the chance to help promote your film, crowdfunding campaign, web series, book, business and more to our audience of film lovers, screenwriters, actors, bloggers and other creatives for $100.00 per month.

Our $100.00 per month package offers:

*One 200 x 200 banner ad (near the top portion of the on the side) linking to your project/company's website or social media;

*Five Tweets throughout the month mentioning your project/company's website or social media;

*Two Facebook posts mentioning your project/company's website or social media;

*Q & A (Written interview) with questions we supply, including your photo, relevant links and trailer or other video;

*One Tumblr post;

*One Google Plus post;

*One jpeg image (around 400 x 400) of your project/company's website or social media and a quick statement linking to your project/company's website or social media in each of our articles and/or video posts for the month. (Please note: we cannot guarantee how many post we will have, as it varies in terms of article submissions and video interviews.)

8) VIDEO INTERVIEW SERIES - $349.00 via Paypal - This requires that you must be located in Los Angeles (or visiting the area) and you must have a quiet indoor location with good natural light.  We will travel to you with our camera and microphone.  Please visit our YouTube Channel to see a sample of these interviews.  The look, sound and tone should be similar to these videos 1, 2, and 3.

We generally put in at least 4 hours each preparing for our interviews (depending on how much  information is available on you/your project), often times it is many more hours than that.  The interview itself will be for one (1) hour about your project, film, acting work, book, service, etc.  We will edit the interview into multiple videos and upload them to our YouTube channel (the Film Courage Youtube receives approx. 120,000 plus video views per month).  We will then share the videos on our Facebook page and on Twitter as they become available.

We release our video interviews over the course of many weeks (and months) so this serves as a long-tail form of promotion for you and your work.  The first video segment will be posted within a week and a half of the initial interview.  In general, the first four (4) videos will be posted the fastest.

Although we cannot guarantee how many views your video will receive, none of our completed interview series have less than a 1,000 total views.  And in many cases at least one video from the series will surpass 1,000 by itself.

Please contact us to check our availability and to see if the timing also fits your schedule. (Note: the CAPTCHA on our Contact page can take a few tries.)


45.85% Female  54.15% Male

Age range:

18-24  27.50%

25-34  33.50%

35-44  15.50%

45-54  12.50%

55-64  5.50%

65+     5.50%


If you’d like to learn more, please submit an inquiry through our contact form (our CAPTCHA can take a few tries).

Please note that advertising with, writing an article, having a Film Courage written Q & A, the 3-day or 7-day promo boost, shooting a video interview series, or using the Shout-Out Board on does not guarantee the success of any donations to your project, crowdfunding campaign, sales of your film/book, tickets sales to your film screening, etc.
















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