You Can’t Be An Artist And Care About What Other People Think – Jocelyn Jones

Jocelyn Jones, Acting Teacher/Author: How do I take counsel from my own heart, how do I listen to my higher self?

Film Courage: You can’t be an artist and worry about what other people think? How is this possible?

Jocelyn: You can’t be a person to worry about what other people think and you certainly can’t be an artist and worry about what other people think. If you track this Why do we worry about what other people think you could probably take it back to your earliest sensation that someone was judging you and it was very painful. We find it very painful when people judge us so if that happened when you were very little and artists are very sensitive so it happens when they’re little, then they’re going to worry about what other people think of them. Certainly in puberty your body is changing, you don’t understand, often every once in a while someone goes through puberty looking beautiful, but for most of us you’re getting braces and you’re not your most beautiful time of life and we worry about what people think of us. Then we go into high school which is a freaking brutal, brutal place, it’s not natural. High school today is just craziness, but anyway you go into high school and you’re trying desperately to find a group somewhere to belong, someone to have lunch with and you worry about what people think of you. If you try to create from that impossible, there is no creating when you’re worried about what other people think of you, because you will try to create things that will make them like you and that’s what actors do in auditions and they don’t book the part because they go on the audition, they do this thing that I think that you want me to do and that way I’ll get the part. I’ll do what I think you want and then I’ll get the part. None of that can happen. The whole purpose of art is to show the path, what is the next path. Artists are always looking for the new movement. Where’s the new direction? The Beatles whole new direction of music, we had a renaissance in the 70’s with painting and music and dance and Twyla Tharp. She put ballet and musical theater together and jazz and came out with something nobody had ever seen before. The Beach Boys music was like what nobody had ever seen…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Jocelyn Jones has been an acting teacher for over thirty years. From A-list movie stars to hand-picked beginners, Ms. Jones is known for offering insights and techniques that enhance her clients’ confidence; provide consistent, inspirational results; and guide them to their own unique perspectives. Her memoir, Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within, is a blueprint for awakening and connecting to the spirit within—the Artist, capable of manifesting anything. Ms. Jones is also known for the critically acclaimed documentary series In Class with Jocelyn Jones, A Celebration of Actors & Acting, featuring sixteen studio members as they demonstrate the range of work taught in her Master Class. Learn more at

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