Why Do Comic Book Movies Dominate The Box Office – Erick Weber

Film Courage: What do you love about Marvel movies?

Erick Weber, Editor-in-Chief of Awards Ace/YouTuber: I love the fact that everybody loves them. There’s something that is absolutely to be cherished. When we have something that people like, we need more of that. Marvel movies and DCEU movies are those things that get people excited. I don’t get as excited for Marvel movies as a lot of people do but I understand their value and I think that there’s a tremendous value when Scorsese says the things he says and I know people say Hey, it’s not cinema and this and that. There’s so many things that are cinema. We can’t define cinema as one thing, It’s only this, it’s only a small art house film, it’s not. It can be a Marvel film, I still want to see a very singular directorial artistic vision on the film. That’s where the Marvel films sometimes lose their value is when you have Chloé Zhao coming in and doing Eternals and when you watch Eternals and having obviously recently seen Nomadland and then The Rider, one of my favorite films of the past decade, you look at her talent and what she does and then when you watch Eternals you don’t see the same. You can see that someone came in and said Listen we love what you’re doing but we need to put this in the Marvel world, so we can’t let you go full Chloé ZhaoWe can’t let you go full whoever. Even Raimi recently, when you watch Multiverse Madness you see some parts that are Sam Raimi, then you see other parts that aren’t. You see other parts that almost feel like it’s from someone else. That’s the challenge and those are the things that for me are the hardest thing for a Marvel movie is I wish that Marvel would allow their directors to impart their vision, their individual singular vision on a film and Eternals is the perfect example of that. You don’t see Chloé Zhao like you do in Nomadland, The Rider, you don’t see that organic filmmaker. You just see it so sparingly in the film that you wonder where she disappears to in the process of the filmmaking and I think that’s the challenge as a filmmaker…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).












Erick Weber is Editor-in-Chief of AWARDS ACE. He is also founder of Midnight Movie Talk with Erick Weber on Youtube where discusses the movie industry every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night at Midnight.


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