One Rule Filmmakers Should Never Forget – Erick Weber

Erick Weber, Editor-in-Chief of Awards Ace/YouTuber: Name a film, I could tell you one thing we could change about for Drive, very easy for Drive, I think the number one thing I would change with that film…

Film Courage: What’s the most you’ve rewatched a film in the theater?

Erick: The same film? Do I want to answer this? It’s probably a tie.

Film Courage: Is it Paddington?

Erick: Oh goodness, Paddington 2. Oh yeah please, that is unbelievable. No, I did not see that multiple times. I think the film I’ve seen the most in theaters was Lost Boys because of that initial experience as this 80’s kid going in and getting blown away. Talk about one of the best soundtracks of all time! I mean Lost Boys, that I had the CD for (not the cassette), between listening to that CD back and forth, back and forth, and then going to see the film so many times that summer. The other one would be Cocktail, same time period, I was a kid. We were bored, it’s summertime, you’re like Let’s go to the movies and let’s go see something and let’s go see Cocktail again. I took multiple dates to see Cocktail. It was the ultimate date film. 

Film Courage: This was in Columbus, Ohio? 

Erick: Yes, Columbus, Ohio. Those are probably the two and they each won probably six times even though I don’t like to admit I have seen Fire Starter now five times (the most recent one) because it’s 90-minutes long and there was nothing else to see and I was bored and I’m five minutes from the theater. That’s why I went to see it five times. I think what the brevity of a film adds to its rewatch-ability because if you’re talking about a three-hour film then you have to commit three hours to that right? That’s a major time commitment. Conversely if a movie’s 85-90-95-minutes, you can watch it twice in the time it takes to watch the other movie…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).











Erick Weber is Editor-in-Chief of AWARDS ACE. He is also founder of Midnight Movie Talk with Erick Weber on Youtube where discusses the movie industry every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night at Midnight.


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