Biggest Misconception Filmmakers Have About Marketing Their Movies – J. Horton

J. Horton, Filmmaker/Youtuber/Podcaster: There’s a misconception I think with a lot of filmmakers where they think I’m going to do this great movie and it’s just going to speak for itself. I’m not saying that never happens, still I’m sure it does but for the most part we have to get out there and become the face of it or somebody does, we have to sell it.

Film Courage: Why is it hard to make money as a filmmaker?

J.: Today I think the easy answer to why it’s hard to make money off movies is there’s just so many of them. On one hand, I love the democratization of filmmaking, the way gear has gotten affordable, cameras are more and more affordable. Look at the Blackmagic 6k. You can get that now for what like $2,500 for the body? That kind of technology would have cost $90,000 10 years ago or 60 or something like that. It was crazy and that is awesome and there’s all these people, you were reading the comment earlier, talking about how they made a movie in 1997 and they had to spend $50,000 to make that movie. I guarantee you could make that exact same thing today (not on 16mm) for $15,000 guarantee it, well yeah almost. I think that is super exciting and cool but on the other hand because everybody can make movies, everybody is making movies. It’s so hard to get attention, it’s so hard to get eyeballs on your individual project because there’s just so much more of it. Because there’s so much more of it, so many more places to put it, the value of those individual projects is less now and I think that is the main reason that it’s harder today to make money on films than it was 10 years ago.

Film Courage: What do most independent filmmakers get wrong about making money from their independent films?

J.: I sound a broken record with it but I think the number one thing filmmakers get wrong is they don’t think about…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




Filmmaker, Youtube Creator and Producer of many feature films and documentaries, J. Horton is known for boldly crossing genre boundaries and ‘getting it done.” In addition to his prolific work in the film industry, he’s gained a lot of traction in recent years as a Youtube personality. His Channel The J. Horton is a go to spot for filmmakers wanting to learn more about the business side of filmmaking. 







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