The Future Of Filmmaking Is Here Now – Byron Q.

Byron Q., Writer/Director: It just came out a month ago or a couple months ago and that brought it up to the next level.

Film Courage: Can you clarify LED walls versus green screen?

Byron: An LED wall is an actual LED panel. Think of a TV screen, the image is on the screen but the green screen is just a green paint. With the green screen you’re doing VFX after you’ve filmed, then you’re putting something to replace that green, but with the LED wall you’re filming everything in-camera so whatever you film you’re taking that footage and that’s your final picture.

Film Courage: Which do you prefer using?

Byron: LED wall. I haven’t done it yet but I think I would like it because there’s a lot of benefits to LED wall if you can get the wall because it’s quite expensive compared to green screen. If you can get the LED wall what you’re getting is you have the light coming from the actual LED wall itself which gives it much more of a realistic lighting effect. With green screen you have to put a light over there and recreate the light that would be coming from that direction. Another thing is reflections, with the green screen you’re not going to get that but with LED wall you can see reflections of whatever image scenery, that creates another more realistic image. Also for actors they’re now immersed in the environment so they can act as if they’re actually wherever, whereas with green screen it’s harder for an actor and so with a green screen a lot of that’s done on the editing timeline…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Byron Q is a Chinese American writer/director originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. His first film Bang Bang won the Best 1st feature jury award at the 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. The film went on to gain a cult following within the Asian American street culture. His last feature, Las Vegas Story, starred Eric Roberts, is distributed by Indie Rights. He is repped by Housefire Management. Byron recently completed a successful $25,000 Kickstarter campaign for a short sci-fi film entitled Killing of a Machine which plans on using Virtual Production workflows and Unreal Engine.











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