Greatest Oscars Snub In History – Erick Weber

Film Courage: How many best picture Oscar winners can you name starting in 1990 all the way through today I’ll give you one hint there are 33.

Erick Weber, Editor-in-Chief of Awards Ace/YouTuber: Okay, let’s start with the most recent, Coda. We’ll go back Parasite, we’ll do Nomadland, Spotlight, 12 Years A Slave. Let’s go to Titanic, let’s go to Argo. Oh man, I’m failing miserably at this and I call myself The Awards Ace. This is a problem okay, great I’ve got to think of what should have won? I can tell you right now just doing this list and what already annoys me that I’m doing this that I’m thinking that the Social Network did not win best picture and for that the whole thing just makes me just want to Ah! I mean this is, you’re talking about a film in my estimation, it’s perfect. When you watch the Social Network and you find out The King’s Speech won best picture over it that just makes me furious.

Film Courage: Why do you think that is?

Erick: Because there’s so few films that we see that are truly spectacular across the board, really exemplary in every single aspect and when you watch the Social Network you’re looking at a film that obviously direction, screenplay, cinematography, score, the resonant raw score is I think that’s the cherry on top. That’s what makes that film the true masterpiece that it is, that it’s the choices that (Trent) Reznor and (Atticus) Ross did in that score from that opening scene when he’s walking across Harvard Square. You say Oh my, this is unique and this was not a choice that most composers would do and in the fact that (David) Fincher allowed them to work in that space and create something. Again if you give that to any duo composer…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).











Erick Weber is Editor-in-Chief of AWARDS ACE. He is also founder of Midnight Movie Talk with Erick Weber on Youtube where discusses the movie industry every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night at Midnight.

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