3 Practical Ways To Become A Director – Jason Satterlund

Jason Satterlund, Filmmaker: I know a lot of directors who have been in the industry for many, many years who, well let me rephrase, they want to be directors. They fantasize like myself, they grew up and they saw Back to the Futureor Jurassic Park as kids and went Ah, that’s what I want to do. I want to create thatand now they’re editing for reality television or shooting wedding videos and not doing what they dreamed. You have to get experience directing and if you were to ask yourself how many hours have you actually spent directing, like beyond not on set as a PA or editing or even writing. How many hours have you spent actually directing? How many hours would that actually be? That is so vital because when you get your shot, when someone does open that door for you, you better hit the ground running and know exactly how to do it. It’s kind of a maddening thing to think about right? Well I don’t have any experience directing, how do I do that? You don’t always need a camera. One of the things that I tried that really transformed a lot of what I do is I wanted to get better at working with actors. I invited a couple of actors to my studio and I gave them a scene from a play. I had no cameras and no lights and I just had the two of them reading the scene to each other, act out the scene and I tried to see if I could get them to a better, more connected performance…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Jason Satterlund on location for his latest film THE ABANDON (written by Dwain Worrell)


Jason Satterlund is an award winning film director who has been working on films for over 25 years. He has extensive experience in all areas of production including directing, producing, writing, cinematography, and editing. He works all over the world directing, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and feature films. 

Early on he developed his skills as a storyteller and uses them to this day on projects as diverse as sci-fi steampunk action films, high end commercials, underwater sea life in the tropics, television shows, top country music artists in Nashville, Tenn, and feature films. He is the only person ever to conduct a night shoot in the ancient city of Petra, and the first person in America to use film lenses on an HD camera. 

Satterlund has done extensive work for clients such as Warner Brothers, Bon Jovi, Amazon, Microsoft, Jack White, CNN, Hallmark Entertainment, ABC, and the country of Jordan. 

He is creator and director of the award winning feature film, “The Record Keeper,” which premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in London, and won the first annual Geekie Awards. 

Satterlund’s latest film THE ABANDON (written by Dwain Worrell) features a wounded soldier awakening in a strange cube that tests his physical and mental limits as he attempts to find a way to escape against a ticking clock.

Miles Willis [played by Jonathan Rosenthal] and Jason Satterlund on set for THE ABANDON
On set for THE ABANDON


U.S. soldier, Miles Willis, is shot and wounded during an intense firefight in Iraq. As he tries to radio for help, a sudden blinding light surrounds him, and he awakens to find himself trapped in a strange, colorless cube with nothing inside but his own combat gear. As time passes, the cube begins to change: fluctuating extreme temperatures, random shifts of gravity, and strange writing appearing on the walls. His only communication is with one person — a mystery woman who calls him on his satellite phone, claiming to be trapped in a similar space. As the clock ticks, the two of them must figure out who has them, why they were taken, and how to escape.

A film by Jason Satterlund

Written by Dwain Worrell

The film stars Jonathan Rosenthal, Tamara Perry, and Regis Terencio 

Produced by Victoria Hadeler and Regis Terencio 

Executive Produced by Jonathan Rosenthal and Jordan Foley 

Edited by Jason Satterlund 

Cinematography by Ray Huang 

Music by Geoff Koch 

From Mill House Motion Pictures 

Runtime is 1 hour 36 Minutes 

This drama/thriller film is not yet rated





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