Biggest Difference Between A Bad Movie And A Great Movie – Erick Weber

Erick Weber, Editor-in-Chief of Awards Ace/YouTuber: An average director given a great screenplay, you might be in trouble.

Film Courage: How do you judge a movie? What’s your rating system?

Erick: When I look at a film and I’m watching, I’m evaluating the film and I’m determining is it accomplishing what it’s setting out to accomplish? What is the mission of the film? What is the filmmaker trying to do with this film? When you watch a film like Hereditary, what Ari Aster is trying to do with that film is much different than what Kosinski is doing with Top Gun: Maverick. You’re judging them in ultimately what were they trying to do with the story. Did they deliver it in the best possible way that they were capable of doing?

It’s one of those things where you have to see a lot of films of what is of a good quality, of an excellent quality and then otherworldly, stratospheric quality. You need to see plenty of films to get to that point, those are rare. I think that you ultimately are trying to figure out what is the director trying to do here and did they do it with maximum impact?…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here). 











Erick Weber is Editor-in-Chief of AWARDS ACE. He is also founder of Midnight Movie Talk with Erick Weber on Youtube where discusses the movie industry every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night at Midnight.


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