Chris Gore’s Must Watch Christmas Movies

Chris Gore, Founder/Owner of FilmThreat/Author/Filmmaker: Do I want to see the sequel to A Christmas Story starring Peter Billingsley as a grown-up version of himself? Maybe if it’s set in the 60’s.

Film Courage: Chris, without checking your phone can you name all of the Christmas films you can think of?

Chris: Oh, wow! Well, there’s a lot, there’s so many that I love. It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Bad Santa. I mean, I don’t know if you consider The Grinch That Stole Christmas, it’s not a Christmas movie per se, but I always associate that with Christmas along with the Peanuts Christmas special. I mean goodness there’s a bunch. Those are just off the top of my head. 

My personal favorites, the ones that I make sure to watch every year and then there’s ones that people would argue aren’t necessarily Christmas movies like Die Hard. But I would put that in that category just because I love the whole…I think it’s become an ugly Christmas sweater that says Ho, Ho, Ho, now I have a gun. I’ve seen people wear that costume.

Film Courage: So you would consider Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Chris: For me it is, for me Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Film Courage: What needs to happen in a Christmas film? Does Christmas need to be saved?

Chris: Yeah, I wonder if you could even make an earnest Christmas movie now that isn’t relegated to the…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Chris Gore is a writer, comedian, author and television personality who has built a solid reputation as a hilariously outspoken voice in the entertainment world. As a teenager, Chris founded the brutally honest magazine Film Threat, which began as a fanzine while he was a college student in Detroit. As Film Threat evolved into a respected national magazine, he relocated to Los Angeles. The print magazine was retired in 1997 when it was re-launched as a web site. found a huge audience online and was named one of the top five movie web sites by the Wall Street Journal. Chris has appeared as a film expert on MSNBC, E!, CNN, Travel Channel, and Reelz Channel. Chis has also hosted shows on FX, Starz, IFC and G4TV’s Attack of the Show as the show’s film expert. His weekly movie review segment DVDuesday was among the most popular on G4. Chris is also an author, having written The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made and The Complete DVD Book. His book The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide is considered the bible of the industry and is required reading at film school.

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