Top 5 Reasons No One Is Watching Your Movie – J. Horton

J. Horton, Filmmaker/Youtuber/Podcaster: From the very, very beginning of any project now one of my first thoughts is who is the audience for this and where do I find them? 

Film Courage: Jay, you have a video that you did maybe a year or so ago entitled Top Five Reasons Your Indie Film is Failing. We took the liberty of writing down your excellent tips and we’re hoping to have you read them? Maybe we can start with five first? 

Top 5 Reasons your Indie Film is Failing from J. Horton’s Youtube

Jay: Okay, yeah so Five Reasons Your Indie Film is Failing. Number Five: You are pushing your movie in all the wrong places. This is what I’m talking about here is when you have a certain genre of film you need to specifically find that audience right and I find a lot of people, what I see over and over when I wrote this comment, I was specifically thinking about filmmakers that were promoting their movies and filmmaking groups because you’ll see this all the time. You have all these filmmaking groups and they’re like Hey, go check out my movie to all the other filmmakers and the filmmakers aren’t necessarily your target audience. If your movie is about filmmaking, maybe that’s right but for the most part don’t promote there. Filmmakers are not going to drive that the viewership or people shotgun out their promotion so they’re like let’s do the exact same post on Facebook because on Twitter has on instagram as on LinkedIn and all of these social media platforms are very different in the type of…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Filmmaker, Youtube Creator and Producer of many feature films and documentaries, J. Horton is known for boldly crossing genre boundaries and ‘getting it done.” In addition to his prolific work in the film industry, he’s gained a lot of traction in recent years as a Youtube personality. His Channel The J. Horton is a go to spot for filmmakers wanting to learn more about the business side of filmmaking. 






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