Beginners Guide To Working With A Movie Distributor – Victoria Fratz

Victoria Fratz, Actress/Producer/Writer: Wait, we’d be allowing you to take how much of our first year? Essentially years worth of royalty checks for…

Film Courage: How did you get your movie Electric Love on Hulu?

Victoria: We went through a distributor, Gravitas. If I can say we had a really great experience with them. This was a few years ago and we had a friend who was another producer and I think he also does a little bit of distribution himself and he had made the offer to kind of introduce us. Gravitas I believe is pretty open to filmmakers submitting their work to them. I think this has been a little while. I’m pretty sure their email is up on their site and they kind of welcome filmmakers to send their work in. We had the deal with the Gravitas, they were great. I was a first time film producer seeking distribution and so for me I thought the experience was really good. You learn plenty. I have always been negotiating so for me I always knew I was going to be trying to play hardball and retain as much ownership and yada yada, really protect your investment, your project. But I really had no complaints with them. I thought that they were fantastic. I thought that they got the movie out there. We went with them globally and so they got some great overseas licenses for us. We were out in the UK and a friend of mine saw our movie on TV, it was playing on repeat on TV all the time over there. My friend called me up he was like You’re on TV and I was like Oh my god, yes! It’s happening. We got the news probably within a few months of securing the deal with them that they had negotiated to deal with Hulu and we were just over the moon. Now we’re huge Hulu fans. We’re like Hulu, everyone get Hulu. Watch it’s on Hulu everybody, watch and we love it. I think Hulu is doing some really cool things with horror and in independent films…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Victoria Fratz is an actress, producer, and writer based in Los Angeles, California. Most notably known for her role in romantic comedy, Electric Love and her large social media presence. Victoria got national recognition through features in Forbes and Adweek for her surge in social media fame. Her latest project VAL is currently in post-production. Victoria (along with partner Aaron Fradkin) operate the independent production studio/Youtube channel Social House Films.








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