How A Filmmaker Puts Financial Freedom In Their Own Hands – Joston Ramon Theney

Joston Ramon Theney, Screenwriter, Author, Director, ProducerAnd when the movie came out it was instantly great, I mean it was instantly profitable, and one of the coolest things about it was I didn’t even release it for people to rent or purchase.

Film Courage: How much money was going into your movies when you were dealing with financiers? 

Joston: We always made sure we didn’t spend more than a hundred, we never spent more than a hundred. Unless you’re shooting with massive names or if you’re shooting something that of course if it’s something that is going to use up most of the budget. I just finished working with someone who’s doing a film where it’s dinosaurs and it’s a very different thing so a lot of money is going to go toward CGI and all that stuff. But if you’re shooting the kind of movies that I shoot that rely on practical effects and things of that nature and the stars are not huge and stuff like that, I don’t believe it should go over a hundred. I believe anytime you’re going over 100 you’re really rolling the dice. I think you’re rolling the dice anyway but you’re really rolling the dice over a hundred because I believe that with a smart marketing plan even with a bunch of flaws you can make back a hundred.

If you go to 250, you go to 350 and you don’t have huge names attached or if you don’t have a whole lot of marketable elements, you could dig a hole that you can’t climb out of. So it’s always been under 100 and I try to keep most of my movies under 100 and if you factor in a lot of the discounts I receive on things you could really see my budgets kind of coming in at…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Screenwriter, author, producer, director Joston Ramon Theney grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for films such as Wanton Want (2021), Axeman at Cutters Creek (2020) and Jurassic Hunt (2021).   








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