Sometimes You Say Goodbye To People You Love For The Dream In Your Heart – Gary W. Goldstein

Gary W. Goldstein, Author/Producer: We come to a red light and I stop and I look at her. She’s looking straight ahead and I said Rosario is everything okay? You haven’t said a word.

Film Courage: Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Gary: I mean it’s profound, but it’s not profound. We talked earlier in my past in San Francisco I was a criminal defense lawyer and it was an absolutely brilliant experience. The people that I met, the things I was exposed to, the community that I served. I’ve often said if our life is a book that was one of the best chapters I’ll ever know. It wasn’t necessarily my calling in the sense that it was a perfect fit for my temperament. I didn’t want to do it well into my adulthood but I’m so grateful for it, it taught me a lot. When that came to a close and I knew the day it came to a close, I was done. I was very nervous because the person I most admire, my hero, my best friend, was my dad. I had to now tell my dad not just that I was quitting a job, but that I was quitting a career because I really didn’t want to be an attorney beyond that choice that I had made. I went to my dad and I pulled him out of his business and we got to go have a bite or something to drink and we sat down at this place and I was so nervous. What was his reaction going to be? Finally I said Dad, you know we’re here because there’s something really important I want to share with you. He said What is it? I said Well, you know I’m quitting my job and I’m quitting the law. It’s not what I want to do. Literally in that moment my father, without missing a beat smiled, (something was already wrong), he smiled and he looked at me and he said…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Gary W. Goldstein has produced some of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits (Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies and more), generating well over One Billion Dollars in worldwide revenue, receiving multiple Academy Award nominations, People’s Choice Awards, a Golden Globe and other honors. Before moving to Los Angeles, Gary practiced as an attorney in San Francisco. He later served as president of two divisions of, an internet entertainment company successfully funded at $50MM. Gary’s passion as a storyteller goes beyond producing the work of gifted screenwriters. He’s committed to sharing with everyone who desires real success and enduring careers as a creative professional his smart, simple strategies that magically transform talent into business success more rapidly and with greater ease. Gary’s spoken at TEDx La Jolla, been published by the Huffington Post, and was a contributing author for the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s newest publication “Stickability”. Gary also regularly speaks to creative audiences and has given talks at American Film Institute, UCLA, Emerson College, De Anza College, the Dallas Screenwriters Association, the Great American Pitchfest and beyond. Gary’s latest endeavor includes where he helps creative professionals have their voices heard, their stories told, and to turn their talents into a career. 


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