How A Producer Finds A Good Story – Ramfis Myrthil

Ramfis Myrthil, Film Producer, Film Consultant and Speaker: Now I’m going to get really spiritual with you, I have to speak with my guides, my angels, my spirit guides just to make sure that it aligns with what I asked for.

Film Courage: How do you find a good story?

Ramfis: I get pitched every day, all day, everywhere. Everyone has a story. I get submissions through talent management companies, talent agents, while I’m at a film festival, people that are not in the business as well and it just comes to me all the time. I want to say if I’m at a film festival or event, I’m constantly hearing pitches. I’m doing the same too (pitching as well). I feel that for mainly industry events (for the most part) that’s what I pay attention to if it comes out of…a project I found was out of London during the end of 2020 on Zoom where I met this filmmaker and he shared this incredible story and I was like Wow, that’s really interesting, let me learn more. I meet with a lot of reps. They tell me about their talent, they ask me what I’m looking to make, what I’m looking to do. I look at who they work with and look at their work or if I go to a film festival and I see a film that I really enjoy then I’ll approach the filmmaker, maybe networking events sometimes when I attend them. It’s been a mixed bag how I’d found material or come on to projects.

Film Courage: You’ve written one at least one yourself, short film?

Ramfis: I wrote a short that I never made. I have maybe collaborated in terms of story with the shorts that I’d made in the past. Feature-wise I haven’t done any of that and I’m actually writing something with a writing partner now on a project but traditionally I’m not a writer, that’s not my lane.

Film Courage: How much does your intuition factor into choosing whether to say yes to a story? Not the project or the people attached? I know you said that’s important but what if they’re amazing people and you’d work great with them but you’re not sure about the story?

Ramfis: My intuition is very important. It definitely is a major decision maker on that and I’ll have to sit with it, with myself, I’ll have to meditate to it…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Ramfis Myrthil is a New York-based filmmaker who loves applying a city-grown work ethic to the world of film and media. He has made his name producing films made by people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community, and seeks to promote themes of passion and integrity in all of his work. A founding partner and President of Beast of the East Productions (BOTEP), Ramfis has built a successful and proven body of work as a producer. His most recent achievement, a feature film entitled Cicada (2020), won awards at several film festivals around the world and was purchased by Strand Releasing for North American distribution. Cicada was also sold to several distributors in the UK, Germany, Switzerland,France, Ireland, and several other regions for theatrical release in Fall 2021.

Ramfis got his start in the film industry when he premiered his short film Love and the Small Print (2012) at the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival, where it was picked up by Shorts International for worldwide distribution. He then went on to produce a music video entitled “Any Other Way” for the legendary rock group The Zombies. After that, Ramfis got behind the feature film entitled A Boy, A Girl, and A Dream (2018), which premiered at Sundance and was acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films for theatrical release. More recently, Ramfis found great success in the Tribeca Film Festival Creators Market with his project entitled 5150 (2021), which explores mental illness in the black community. The film was executive produced alongside David Oyelowo.

Ramfis has joined as an advisor for Sundance Film Institute’s Sundance Collab producing program. There he works with a diverse group of worldwide filmmakers, develops and shares works in progress, and helps elevate the voices of independent storytellers. Ramfis’ continued success in the film industry has earned him several accolades around the world. He was named to Stars’ 2018 40 Under 40 list in 2018 and served as a recognized panelist across a variety of film festivals. Ramfis is a regular speaker at the Cannes Film Festival, the UK’s Raindance, and is an established speaker and mentor at South by Southwest. Ramfis’ passion for film is matched only by his drive for sharing his knowledge with the next generation of students, artists, and creators. In this pursuit, Ramfis has served as a judge for the 2018 BAFTA Student Film Awards, a member of PAC (Program Advisory Committee) at Five Towns College, and as an acclaimed speaker at NYU, Columbia University, Hofstra University, and HBCUs across the country. Ramfis’ dedication to giving back is reflected by his international masterclasses taught around production, financing, development, diversity, and social justice. Ramfis also volunteers with Mythic Bridge, The Parity Project, The “I Can Still Do That” Foundation, Teach for America, Schools That Can, Hofstra University’s Youth Film Day, and Blacks on Wall Street. Ramfis continues to share his experience by mentoring students on both coasts as well as working with NPower, a nonprofit organization focused on helping young graduates enter the professional world. Ramfis is an active member of BAFTA NY, The Friars Club, Toastmasters International – SEC Roughriders, a board member at The Long Island Film and TV Foundation, and is a board member at the Hollywood Radio & Television Society (HRTS).







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