Investors Don’t Want Pitch Decks – Shane Stanley

Shane Stanley, Filmmaker/Author/Instructor: Everybody who’s ever invested in me has told me No, everybody. Nobody has rolled over and said Absolutely, let’s do it. It’s always comes from people who have said No

Film Courage: If a filmmaker’s going to raise money (we should just probably pick some ballpark figure, maybe $500,000), how can a filmmaker mitigate risk? 

Shane: I think when putting together a half a million dollar budget the best way to mitigate risk on that is to think about genre, think about star power. As I try to tell a lot of producers, if you’re only thinking about what the public perception is of your work and the stars that you are working with as your end game, you’re never going to be happy. Be smart in your casting. Just because somebody is not an A-list studio powerhouse player today doesn’t mean they weren’t 5-10 years ago, doesn’t mean somebody isn’t on three television series that are syndicating around the globe two or three times a day in 140 different countries. Those actors are gold and they’re not expensive. When we cast our films it’s about familiar faces, it’s about people with good reputation, people that we enjoy being with 18-hours a day. But I think from mitigating risk it’s about getting actors that people recognize and people can say Oh, I remember this actor from that series or this series or that show or that film and when you’re working in a half million dollars, it’s really not a lot of money. It goes fast and to be able to put maybe 35-40% of that above-the-line I think is smart. Then you’ve got your crew and all below-the-line. Make sure that’s an efficient team that makes your product look and sound good. Get good editors, do whatever you have to do to make the product look as good as it can. You can make that money go a long way if you know how to do it but again it comes down to content. A $500,000 drama without the right cast is not the same thing as a $300,000 action film with just one or two right people in it…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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