A Hollywood Ending Depends On Where You Stop The Story – Joston Ramon Theney

Joston Ramon Theney, Screenwriter, Author, Director, Producer: I can’t take that advice because it’s not a very Hollywood ending and she tells him Well, a Hollywood ending all depends on where you stop the story.

Film Courage: What are ways that a writer can create high stakes for their character? 

Joston: It’s a good question. It has to be something that relates to their wound. It has to be some kink in their armor where this makes it personal for them. It has to be that, that’s number one because overall the story is about them overcoming that wound and somehow tying into this goal of stopping whatever the antagonist is. The stakes have to be high enough where it almost seems insurmountable. I believe that the stakes are very important but it has to be all relatable to the character and to the audience.

Film Courage: If it’s something that’s too avant-garde, we can’t understand it but if it’s about the basic needs of living (safety, security), we can relate to it?

Joston: I think it can be almost anything. It all depends on who you are, who your core audience is. Giving example for WANTON WANT if you watch the film, it’s easy to sit back and go What? I don’t really get it? But the story is very meta. There’s a story happening and then there’s a story that the writer is writing but unbeknownst to him they both are the same story…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Screenwriter, author, producer, director Joston Ramon Theney grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for films such as Wanton Want (2021), Axeman at Cutters Creek (2020) and Jurassic Hunt (2021).  








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