Why A Screenplay Needs Your Personal Stories – Pedro Correa

Pedro Correa, Actor/FilmmakerEverything you write is going to have some personal hook to you whether it’s completely fantastical or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s the motion.

Film Courage: Do you believe everyone has their own artistic voice?

Pedro: Absolutely. I feel everyone has their own artistic voice. I don’t think everyone has that outlet to express their artistic voice and if they don’t I think they should. I feel very grateful that I have a career that I can and a space that I can, and friends that I can make movies or paint or play music with. The coolest part about making movies is all those things can be in the same thing. I hand painted the titles to My Dead Dad, the intro and the whole end credits. My hand still hurts from it but I’m fortunate enough to have a million of those. Even my Mom for example, she’s like a great painter and drawer and crafter and I admire her for finding an artistic outlet like that. Everyone knows someone who’s super funny who’s not doing anything with it whatever it’s like Oh, you should be a… you know what I mean? 

Film Courage: I’ve definitely known people like that. Having gone to different countries (Qatar being one of them) and traveling, seeing that not everyone can express their own voice, do you think that makes you more grateful for it? Most people probably your age haven’t had that opportunity? I’ve never been overseas. That’s pretty cool that you got to see different worlds.

Pedro: Absolutely. If you feel like you can’t voice your opinion…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

My Dead Dad Director/Co-Writer Fabio Frey (front) and Pedro Correa Co-Writer/Actor


Pedro Correa most recently co-wrote (with Fabio Frey), produced and stars-in the coming-of-age drama My Dead Dad (2021) executive produced by Declan Baldwin of Big Indie Pictures (Manchester by the Sea). In-front of the camera, he has recurred on ABC’s hit sitcom The Middle (2009), and has worked with the likes of Hulu, Disney, Syfy and more. Behind the camera, Pedro served as director for celebrity short films in the digital divisions of GQ Thailand, Esquire Singapore, Marie Claire Malaysia and Flaunt Magazine. Stars he directed include; Nick Jonas, Ruby Rose, Constance Wu and many more. 

My Dead Dad is a story of a young burnout who discovers his estranged father is dead, leaving him the responsibility of managing an apartment complex. With hopes of cutting ties, he’s forced to grow up, learning about the dad he never knew through the eclectic tenants.

My Dead Dad is directed by Fabio Frey, co-written by Pedro Correa and Fabio Frey. The film stars Pedro Correa, Raymond Cruz, Courtney Dietz, Simon Rex, Booboo Stewart, Chris Pontius, and Steven Bauer










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