Filmmakers Lie About Movie Budgets – Jeff Deverett

Jeff Deverett, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Director: Say, whoa, time out. You’re making a five million dollar feature but it’s not financed and you don’t have distribution? So how are you making the five million dollar feature again?

Film Courage: Does having a higher budget let’s say over $500,000 guarantee that your movie is probably going to be of a higher caliber story wise? 

Jeff: If you’re a good producer/director, a good producer/director team who knows how to deploy their resources very effectively then I would say the more you have to spend, the better quality your movie is likely going to be as long as you’re not wasting it, if you’re putting it on screen. I’ll give you an example, let’s say you have a $500,000 movie and then you get an extra $50,000. If you go and hire a fancy caterer who’s going to do the meals, will your crew and cast feel a little bit better? Sure they will, but will it make your movie better? Probably not. But if you spend that $50,000 potentially on one scene where it’s a big production, a bigger location with more extras or something like that, then it’ll make your movie better. That’s what I mean by deploying the resources effectively. You always have to be careful with your resources no matter what. People think at 250 I have to be more careful than at 500. No, you have to be careful of both levels and at 750. Just deploy them as best you can so that you put most of it on screen so that your movie looks better. Obviously the more you have to spend if you’re deploying it wisely you have a better chance at making a higher quality looking movie…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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