How Being An Artist Helped Me Overcome Bullying – Emrhys Cooper

Emrhys Cooper, Writer/Director/Actor/Producer: I actually am grateful for the bullying and all that stuff because that actually spurned me on to be really good, to prove them wrong, to get out of Devon where I was from (a very small town) and prove that I could do something in my life.

Film Courage: “Don’t be afraid to be different.” What does this mean?

Emrhys: Don’t be afraid to be different. I think we often feel we have to conform to what society wants us to be or family wants us to be but being yourself (everyone else is taken) so being yourself is it sounds so easy but it’s actually not because I think we we have all these different masks based on trauma or based on things that we’ve been told aren’t great but I think the more we can take them off, the more we can celebrate our true self and I think a lot of healing comes from sharing that. You’re as dirty as your secrets. I think if you can be brave, be bold and daring, you’ll be rewarded for it and it will feel better. I think we sometimes create a box that we have to put ourselves in and that’s ourselves putting ourselves in it. I think if we can dare to be different, I think it’s important in any profession.

Film Courage: You talked about being bullied when you were younger and I think that’s maybe a common thing people who are creative go through because they do have a different way in which they look at the world and maybe it’s threatening to other people? I don’t know what the reasons are but how long did it take you to feel okay that I don’t have to fit in? If I want, I choose to be me.  

Emrhys: I’ve only recently in the last probably a couple of years realized that I’m actually okay being me. I think I started getting bullied when I was about eight years old and I didn’t even know really why it was happening…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Producer/director/co-writer (with Donal Brophy) Emrhys Cooper as D’arcy in The Shuroo Process 


A native of Devon, England, Emrhys Cooper is an award-winning director, writer, producer and actor based in Los Angeles. He has enjoyed on-screen success in Person of Interest, Desperate Housewives, CSI: NY and the film Mamma Mia! He soon ventured into the world of production, which included such accomplishments as the romantic comedy Walk a Mile in My Pradas (Amazon Prime Video) and the dramedy Til We Meet Again (Netflix/Amazon Prime Video). In 2017, Cooper starred in and spearheaded the most widely-released Bhutanese film of all time, Kushuthara: Pattern of Love. Early 2018 marked Cooper’s directorial debut with the critically acclaimed LGBT short film, Trophy Boy [Cannes Film Festival Official Selection 2018], which is in development as a television series. Cooper now serves as a writer, producer, director and actor on The Shuroo Process, executive produced by Zachary Quinto and starring Rainey Qualley, Tommy Dorfman and Fiona Dourif, which is set to hit the 2021 festival circuit. As President of his newly founded independent entertainment company, Idyllwild Pictures, Emrhys aims to explore the unexplored in the film industry by directing and producing films that focus on thought provoking topics in today’s society. Up next, he’ll be seen in Gravitas Ventures’ dark comedy Paint, as well as Samuel Goldwyn’s recently announced horror thriller, Dreamcatcher.








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