Best Way For New Filmmakers To Get On Netflix – Jeff Deverett

Jeff Deverett, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Director: Here’s a crazy, counter-intuitive thing about Netflix that most people don’t know which makes no sense but it’s true.

Film Courage: What’s the likelihood of someone who just has an idea – no screenplay, no trailer, no artwork, no attachments, getting a pitch inside Netflix?

Jeff: Minus one to zero unless they have an agent who really likes them a lot and wants to get them in there. First of all, Netflix doesn’t take unsolicited pitches. None of the studios or the streaming companies take unsolicited pitches meaning you can’t phone them up. They don’t have a place, a website or an entry point where you can phone them up and say I have a great idea. I’d like to pitch you, it doesn’t exist. They publish that, that’s right on their website. The only way you can get in is with either an agent/manager, a lawyer (somebody who’s connected internally in there) or a distributor who’s done business with them. That’s the only way you can even attempt to get a pitch. So right away you can’t get in directly. Maybe you can get in that way, but highly, highly, highly unlikely. Also, because you haven’t done anything before, they have a…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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