Being Weird Makes You A Better Artist – Pedro Correa

Film Courage: Why do you love making mistakes?

Pedro Correa, Actor/Filmmaker: I think mistakes make amazing stories. If I’m ever in a horrible place or I’ve made a huge mistake, I’ll instantly grasp for some comedy of the moment because you might as well use it. I think a lot of drama comes from laughing about mistakes. I think good log lines come from laughing about mistakes. My favorite log lines from movies are ones where you have the air blow through your nose. When you read it, you go…[exhales]. I love mistakes. I try to embrace them.

Film Courage: We have a quote here (sorry to quote you, I know it’s weird) I’ve learned that when I throw myself into the fire and if I don’t feel the heat, I’ve failed. Comfort is the death of progress. That’s pretty brilliant! Wow, I like that.

Pedro: I sound like a dictator.

Film Courage: No, I get what you’re talking about because if you’re comfortable all the time, you’re not growing, you’re not doing anything, you’re staying stagnant. Can you give us examples of how you’ve made yourself either purposely uncomfortable or life has thrown you into those circumstances?

Pedro: I feel like this probably came from moving around in my life a lot, moving to different countries and locations and schools all the time. It started as schools, then it was cities and countries and then careers. At one point I wanted to be a professional snowboarder and then I moved to the desert with my mom and I was like Well, so much for that. I think moving around a lot teaches you to reinvent yourself, it makes you really look at yourself. You get this opportunity to redefine every part of you really. I think that has taught me that…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

My Dead Dad Director/Co-Writer Fabio Frey (front) and Pedro Correa Co-Writer/Actor


Pedro Correa most recently co-wrote (with Fabio Frey), produced and stars-in the coming-of-age drama My Dead Dad (2021) executive produced by Declan Baldwin of Big Indie Pictures (Manchester by the Sea). In-front of the camera, he has recurred on ABC’s hit sitcom The Middle (2009), and has worked with the likes of Hulu, Disney, Syfy and more. Behind the camera, Pedro served as director for celebrity short films in the digital divisions of GQ Thailand, Esquire Singapore, Marie Claire Malaysia and Flaunt Magazine. Stars he directed include; Nick Jonas, Ruby Rose, Constance Wu and many more.


My Dead Dad is a story of a young burnout who discovers his estranged father is dead, leaving him the responsibility of managing an apartment complex. With hopes of cutting ties, he’s forced to grow up, learning about the dad he never knew through the eclectic tenants.

My Dead Dad is directed by Fabio Frey, co-written by Pedro Correa and Fabio Frey. The film stars Pedro Correa, Raymond Cruz, Courtney Dietz, Simon Rex, Booboo Stewart, Chris Pontius, and Steven Bauer








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