Artists Can’t Predict If Their Work Will Be Memorable – Jack Grapes

Jack Grapes, Artist, Writer, Author, Instructor: I bought this in an airport [holds his hat]. They had one that said playwright which I have here. They had another one that said author and I bought that one. I don’t know where it is, there was another one that said dog catcher and if I could find it, I’d wear it but I can’t find that one either so playwright.

Film Courage: I think playwright’s way better than a dog catcher? 

Jack: Well, I don’t know. We actually had a very stressful day yesterday because in the middle of the night someone deposited a dog in our front yard and we have a little wall about that high that the puppy (wasn’t a little puppy, but it was a puppy, it’ll be a bigger dog) they just dumped and at six o’clock in the morning my wife went to get the paper and she said I need your help. We’ve got this puppy.He’s been moaning and groaning and he’s scared and the whole thing. We took it in and we fed it and we were debating do we keep it because we have a German Shepherd and the German Shepherd wasn’t crazy about it. The German Shepherd’s name is Penelope and so we named the dog Homer and by the end of the day we were exhausted. We realized the dog’s not housebroken, we don’t have time to walk it along with the other dog. We finally decided we’re going to have to find someone who will adopt the dog but we love the dog so much within that one day. We both bonded and where are we going to find someone who’s going to take good care of it? She went to the pet store where we bring our dog and the trainer there saw a picture (we took a picture of the dog). He looked at me and went That’s an Australian cattle dog! They’re very expensive and my wife said Would you like it? Would you like to take it because we can’t handle it? He said I’ve been looking for an Australian cattle dog. He was so thrilled and he’s a trainer and he and his wife came over last night and they bonded and the dog is okay but at the end of the day I said…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Jack Grapes is an award-winning poet, playwright, actor, teacher, and the editor and publisher of ONTHEBUS, one of the top literary journals in the country. He has won several publishing grants and Fellowships in Literature from the National Endowment for the Arts. He’s also received nine Artist-in- Residence Grants from the California Arts Council to teach writing in various schools throughout Los Angeles. He is the author of 13 books of poetry, including TREES, COFFEE, AND THE EYES OF DEER, and BREAKING DOWN THE SURFACE OF THE WORLD. A spoken-word CD, Pretend, was recently issued by DePaul University. He is also author of a chapbook of poems and paintings titled AND THE RUNNING FORM, NAKED, BLAKE. His most recent publication is LUCKY FINDS, a boxed set of 50 cards that extend and parody the dynamic artistic productions of high-modernist poets such as Ezra Pound and Charles Olson. For more information on Jack’s classes, please visit here.

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