How Much Sacrifice Does It Take To Be An Artist? – Jay Fingers

Film Courage: Jay, we want you to think about the sacrifices that you’ve made in your life to get you to this moment right now, right here, today. What are those sacrifices? How many years would you say that’s been? 

Jay Fingers, Novelist, Journalist, Editor, and Screenwriter: I would say that I’ve probably sacrificed most of my life in pursuit of this. I’m single, don’t have a girlfriend, don’t have any kids. I look at all of my friends, some of the friends that I mentioned earlier from college and everything they’ve got, beautiful families, lovely kids, great careers, nice homes and those are things that I think I might have if I hadn’t been pursuing screenwriting as hard as I’ve been. I think that I probably just would have maybe done something else but settled into that nice normal career and have the home and the family and everything. Another thing is family like my sisters, my nieces and nephews, I didn’t really go back to Memphis often to visit once I left. I tried every once in a while but I felt that this is what I’ve got to do, this is what I’m  pursuing. One of my sisters even told me that she had this discussion with the other siblings that Jay’s dream is bigger than the rest of us and he’s…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Jay Fingers is a novelist, journalist, editor, and emerging screenwriter. He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, before attending film school at the University of Miami. After college and working in Miami Beach’s nightlife scene for several years, Jay moved to New York City — Brooklyn, specifically — where he wrote four books: Guestlist, Kisses for Tati, Orange Mound and Manhattan Sweetheart. Deciding to fully pursue his lifelong screenwriting ambitions, Jay relocated to Los Angeles, where he currently lives and has been tirelessly working on spec scripts. 






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