Pro Cinematographer On The Difference Between Zoom And Prime Lenses – Andy Rydzewski

Film Courage: Zoom versus primes, which are better?

Andy Rydzewski, Cinematographer: There’s zoom lenses and prime lenses. They both have pros and cons for sure and it’s a big subject traditionally, Zoom lenses are slower meaning you can’t let as much light in or they need to have more light whereas prime lenses this is not a rule, it’s just traditionally how it lays out. Prime lenses tend to be faster in terms of a T-stop or an F-stop you can open up more and have a shallower depth of field (let more light in) but a prime lens is like a 25 millimeter and that’s all. Whereas a zoom let’s say because there’s also a huge range of zooms you can have a 25-to-78 or you can have a 25-to-250 and some of these zooms are huge so there’s a lot of decision…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).








Andy Rydzewski has shot features, TV series, commercials, shorts, docs, skits, etc. He has two graduate degrees (MFA in screenwriting and an MA in film production) from Humboldt State University. His latest completed project is the Hulu series PEN15 starring Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, Melora Walters and more.


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