Pro Cinematographer On Screenplay Workflow And Shot Lists – Andy Rydzewski

Andy Rydzewski, Cinematographer: I know on bigger shows that happens a lot like the CSI’s of the world. Directors come in and out and they don’t get a lot of time with their cinematographers and that’s got to be scary. That has to be very challenging.

Film Courage: How many times do you read a screenplay before you step on set?

Andy: That’s a really good question. It’s funny, whenever I start a new project and I get the script I always think I’m going to read it a million times. I think I’m going to read it every night and inevitably other things come my way and I end up not reading it as many times as I want but that said I read scenes. I won’t read it beginning-to-end that many times. A few times certainly right at the beginning but then it really very quickly turns into a puzzle. It’s almost like you’re given the puzzle all as a finished piece and then almost immediately you break it up and then it’s little puzzle pieces and you’re like Okay, this one we’re going to do on day 17. You almost separate it out and so I’ll read the scenes a number of times. As a whole I might not revisit it again. It’s strange but also in TV there are rewrites happening all the time. You have to reread because there are new drafts coming and sometimes this has not happened much but it has happened where there’s a rewrite that happens and you’re in week nine and there’s a rewrite and I will…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).








Andy Rydzewski has shot features, TV series, commercials, shorts, docs, skits, etc. He has two graduate degrees (MFA in screenwriting and an MA in film production) from Humboldt State University. His latest completed project is the Hulu series PEN15 starring Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, Melora Walters and more.


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