When Your First Movie Fails How Do You Create More Chances? – Logan Burdick

Film Courage: Looking at your IMDB it shows that you are this one man band. You are a writer, director, producer, editor, cinematographer, visual effects, camera, etc. Looking back do you wish you had spent more time focused on being a writer or was that a natural evolution, you needed to find what you really loved the actual activity of?

Logan Burdick: Filmmaker/Writer: I have an interesting parable that I do feel relates to that. Everyone bear with me for a second…when I graduated USC, I did a big thesis film and I raised money and I tried do a big coming out party, it failed abysmally. lt’s fine but it literally led to no opportunities. I owed a bunch of money and basically I had two choices then which was I can’t ask anyone for any more favors, I can’t ask anyone for more money either so I don’t make anything anymore or I start taking it upon myself to teach myself all these trades at least in a way to be competent at them. I can keep making things and that’s basically where that all came from was I wanted to keep making stuff because I said Oh, this thing that I’d I tried a big shot at collapsed. But again it did not do anything from a professional career perspective. I want to keep having chances and I want to keep trying so I’m going to have to do this. I’m going to have to practice cinematography and I’m going to have to become an editor and I’m going to have to do all these things, otherwise I’m not going to be able to keep making things. That really interestingly led me down the direction of…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Logan Burdick is a writer/director who has spent his professional life immersed in the digital media landscape (as a creator, producer, and production/development executive), and seeks to infuse the style, culture, and stories of that world into traditional storytelling. Logan’s latest script IT TAKES THREE is a modern influencer twist on a Cyrano de Bergerac story when the coolest guy in school discovers that the new girl sees through his popularity and good looks, he enlists the class nerd to take over his social media accounts to add substance to his style.









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