Never Put A Time Limit On Being An Artist – Sujata Day

Sujata Day, Actor, Writer/Director: The HR lady who I had become friends with, she was really sad and disappointed that she had to lay me off and I was like…

Film Courage: To anyone working in the film industry Sujata if they had to put a time limit on becoming a working professional, what would that be? 

Sujata: Never put a time limit on art I would say because I have found throughout my years there have been a lot of my friends and acquaintances that I’ve been in touch with or met in acting class or through writing and anyone who puts a time limit on it such as If I don’t do this thing within a year or If I don’t do this particular goal within two or three years then I’m going to go back to XYZ which could be anything which could be in my case I have an engineering degree. If I were to say that Okay, I need to get to direct a studio film within five years or else I’m going to go back to engineering I feel like the universe hears that and listens to that and says Okay, you have this backup plan so it won’t give you that first thing that you want and I just think it’s a…everybody says this but it’s a marathon not a sprint and I’ve noticed that there are goals that I hope to have wished to achieve by this point which I haven’t achieved but I’m enjoying the journey and the journey has been so much fun. It’s all about waking up in the morning being excited that you actually get to pursue your dream and enjoying the moment that you’re in whether it’s…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



With her infectious personality and unique sense of humor, Pittsburgh native Sujata Day has established herself as a performer, creator, writer, and director. She regularly performs in Upright Citizen Brigade’s hit Asian AF show. Sujata is known for her starring role as CeCe in Issa Rae’s The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. She’s recurred for three seasons on HBO’s Insecure. Sujata is a Sundance Lab fellow, Sundance Film Festival influencer, and Sundance Collab advisor. Her short film, Cowboy and Indian, sold to a major studio for series development. She served as HBO Visionaries Ambassador in 2019. She directs This Is My Story, a series in which beloved storyteller LeVar Burton narrates real life personal experiences of everyday racism. Sujata’s debut award-winning feature film, Definition Please, is currently touring the film festival circuit.









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