Why Some Artists Quit And Others Don’t – Joston Ramon Theney

Joston Ramon Theney, Screenwriter, Author, Director, Producer: Live your life the way you want to go out because ultimately that’s what we’re all doing, we just don’t know it but we’re living our lives the way we want to go out.

Film Courage: What kind of heart does it take to pursue this business or is heart not part of the picture?

Joston: Heart meaning passion? It has to be something that has its own rechargeable battery. I think you have to go hard all the time. I know for me I was having this conversation before and I hear a lot of people say Oh, I’d die to make a movie! I’d die to make a movie! And I say I would never die to make a movie. There’s tons of stories you can tell and all that stuff but I’ve got to finish one because with all the planning and everything that goes into making a movie it’s having that passion that’s going to help you finish a movie because for all the movies that are out there that you can think of think about it this way if you saw a hundred movies, there were probably 50,000 they started making but never finished and of that 50,000 there were probably a 150,000 scripts that were in development and about to start production. If you look at that…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Screenwriter, author, producer, director Joston Ramon Theney grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for films such as Wanton Want (2021), Axeman at Cutters Creek (2020) and Jurassic Hunt (2021).









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