Easiest Way To Create Plot – Tony DuShane

Tony DuShane, Writer/Podcaster/Teacher: Because there’s no plot, why would I watch that?

Film Courage: What is plot?

Tony: Great question. Plot is conflict. We need the character first, for me I always need the character first. Sometimes though I do come up with a situation first and plot is kind of a situation but we do have to put the character in the situation. We put a character in a situation and the character has a goal and you go Great! The character has a goal and then the character moves forward to that goal and we throw obstacles at that character and that’s plot. How is the character going to move through those obstacles? Will they make the right or wrong decision? Will they learn from that decision? That’s essentially what plot is to me, throwing obstacles at the character and then seeing how they get out of them for better or for worse. Then how they move on to the next scene. That’s when the beauty of creating the plot and essentially creating the three-act structure that kind of turns into this huge showdown at the end but we need to know how the character gets in and out of obstacles throughout the whole movie. That’s when…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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Tony DuShane is the author and award-winning screenwriter of Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk. The book was published by Soft Skull Press and the feature film, directed by Eric Stoltz, was released in 2018 and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. His journalism and essays has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Mother Jones, Penthouse, The Rumpus, The Believer, and other media outlets. He teaches writing at UCLA Extension and his journalism has appeared in Mother Jones, The Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle. He hosts the literary podcast Drinks with Tony every Wednesday.




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